Get to know Felix Lush and his glowing release, ‘Hits The Floor / Something Unique’

An active member of electronic trio Gauci, Felix Lush is a familiar name in the Eora/Sydney underground scene, having contributed through an array of musical outfits and genres. Last week he presented to the world an extension of the already adored Gauci sound, highlighting his incredible strength as a multi-faceted producer, bringing that pop centric, electronic sound into his own unique lane. He distills these distinct influencers into an extreme electronic form, toeing the lines between energetic and bratty pop. The end product is a stunning double single release, ‘Hits The Floor / Something Unique’.

The top side of the release is ‘Hits The Floor’. A pop fuelled, hyperpop jam full of glitzy production tropes and an infectious vocal delivery. It’s complete with visuals by Joshua Hourigan (Vivienne Westwood, OFF-WHITE, Lanvin) and creative directed by Kurt Johnson (Tkay Maidza, Cub Sport, Charli XCX). The video sees Felix transition quickly between latex, armour and digital butterflies.

Of the release Felix says “So excited to finally be releasing this music been a long time coming and finally feel like I’m putting out something that represents all aspects of my personality properly. Literally worked with the DREAM team on this video and am so excited for the world to see it!”

With more music teased from the artist, we were fortunate enough to dig deeper in a quick Q&A with the legend, chatting about the double single.

Who are you?
I’m Felix Lush, a musician from Sydney Australia. I’ve been making music for like 5 years now in different projects. Probably best known for being a member of Gauci. 

How did the Felix Lush project come to be?
I’ve released music under my own name previously but not for about 3 years. During lockdown I had a lot of time to create music and I started writing songs that didn’t really seem right for anything I was working on at the time. I showed them to a few friends and they encouraged me to release it. 

What are we talking, vibes-wise?
This music is meant to be fun, I’ve been listening to heaps of pop music lately and I love how it enables people to not take music making too seriously. Sonically it’s all about digital soundscapes. Distorted 808s, blippy synths all feature heavily. Definitely more computer based than anything I’ve made before 

Tell us more about your new single?
Hits The Floor is a song about crushing on someone new and the heart wrenching feeling that follows it. Its self produced/recorded and mixed which is a first for me but I really enjoyed the process as I’m a control freak (lol). 

What can we expect from you in the months ahead?
Planning on releasing more music later in the year but probably keeping quiet on the live show front. I see this project as mainly a studio thing for now, especially with the state of the world atm. Visuals are really important to me so maybe another video who knows!

Where can we hear more from you? 
The usual places, Youtube, Spotify, Instagram, Deezer!

Image via Joshua Hourigan.




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