Get to know Melbs bb and their stunning new single, ‘Witches’

melbs bb

Melbs bb is the quirky creative brainchild of Melbourne singer-songwriter and producer Erica Lilly. The project, started in 2019 is an enthralling one. Recorded all from bb’s bedroom, their tracks tackle important topics through a unique and extremely personal lens. Their souring vocals, catchy melodies and their omnipresent humour in everything they touch adds a unique level of intimacy to the music, a warm feature in today’s release climate. They’ve today released their new single ‘Witches’. It’s a psyched out bedroom pop gem that focusses on tackling battles and understanding mental health.

“I had the idea that if a child witnessed someone experience depression and only had Disney movies and fairytales as a frame of reference, they would probably think the logical conclusion was that the person has obviously been hexed or cursed by some evil witches,” Melbs bb reveals. 

“At its core, ‘Witches’ is about seeing a loved one struggle with their mental health and asserting that you see their struggle and would do anything to help them (including battling some evil witches as needed).”

With plenty more planned from Melbs bb in the months ahead, we got to know the inspiring artist to talk about their music, their journey so far and what’s still to come!

Who are you?
I’m Erica, a non-binary singer/songwriter/producer from the outer east of Melbourne. I write songs wherever I am (mostly at home these days for some reason) but record from my bedroom and produce the tracks myself.

How did the bb project come to be?
I had some autoimmune issues kick up a few years ago and had to pull back from music/life in general. I spent a lot of time writing at home and decided to just let loose and write whatever I want and ended up having a lot of very pop-sounding stuff that would not have fit into any of the projects I was involved in. I didn’t want to just scrap the songs so it was probably time for me to be brave and launch my solo project.
P.S: I am still working on being brave.
P.P.S: Please bear with me during this difficult time.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?
Think a pastel cartoon aesthetic with catchy pop vocals, washy guitar laden indie rock, nintendo synth vibes and a healthy dose of using humour as a coping mechanism.

Tell us more about your new single, ‘Witches’?
I was really into cartoons and fairytales growing up which is definitely not like other kids and in no way, shape or form like other girls, and I had this idea that if I witnessed someone experiencing depression at that age, my first thought would be “this person has CLEARLY been hexed”. From there I just got this line in my head “have you had a spell cast on you?” and decided to write a song from the perspective I was reaching out to a friend who though seemed to be experiencing depression, I was firmly convinced was being targeted by some nasty witches. I recorded most of it home but got some help from Greg from Tokyo Police Club on drums (he’s incredible and the nicest person in the universe) and my bud Sam Swain mixed it.

What can we expect from you in the months ahead?
I have a few singles lined up but I’m most excited for my EP that’s due out later this year. Other than that, just be up in the gym working on my fitness he’s my witness (ooooh weeeee) I put your boy on rock rock and he be lining down the block just to watch what I got. (Please note: that last part was a lie. Literally no idea what your boy is up to).

Where can we hear more from you? (streaming services, live space, socials)
You can catch Melbs bb on all good streaming platforms and I don’t leave my house much so best to follow me on socials. For music and memes, look no further than my instagram, and for more nerdy/think-y/self-help-y stuff, check me out on tiktok (both @melbsbb).

‘Witches’ is out now. Buy/stream here.




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