BLESSED keys us in on his top five Western Sydney artists


Rising Western-Sydney artist BLESSED is currently on cloud nine. The engaging musician who merges hip-hop and R&B with eclectic guitar riffs and punk melodies has just dropped his debut mixtape, Music Is The Medicine. The collection of songs comes after a huge 18 months that’s seen BLESSED have songs featured in NBA2K20 and Netflix series On My Block, support Matt Corby on his sold-out 2019 tour and release a raft of solo and collaborative singles that got the blogging sphere hyped.

The fanfare surrounding BLESSED is sure to continue with the release of Music Is Medicine. Headlined by new single ‘Rosalia,’ an ode to Spanish popstar, the 13 track mixtape is the perfect introduction to what BLESSED is about. Speaking about the project, BLESSED explained;

The concept of this project is based on the philosophy that music not only brings one entertainment, but solace, comfort and healing on a metaphysical level. Music is a universal language with no barriers, no limits but a limited understanding of what really goes on in the mind, heart and soul of the consumer. We play songs to soothe our sadness, songs to celebrate our successes and songs to motivate and push us to our furthest heights. In this mono experience we call life, music is the soundtrack. With all its variations from era to genre, from culture to taste, we as human beings all share one extremely powerful thing in common. That is the indescribable feelings and emotions that music brings.

Music Is The Medicine is another fantastic release that not only shines a light on BLESSED but the entire Western suburbs, a hot pot of rising musical talent. To celebrate his mixtape and the region, BLESSED was kind enough to list his top five favourite Western Sydney artists you need to get around.

Manu Crooks

Manu Crooks is one of the first African-Australian artists to come out with an international sound and aesthetic. Paving the way and inspiring many non-white Australian’s to follow their dreams.


Chirine is an artist, producer, engineer and instrumentalist from the area. Her unique melodies blur the lines between her Arabic traditions and R&B queen future.


Billymaree is one of my favourite young artists in Australia. She literally freestyles her soul on her songs and does it with an effortless angelic voice.


Solochulo is another young artist I’m excited about who originates from South Sudan. His style on and off the track is hard, melodies inspired by the Atlanta scene but has a swag and sauce of his own.

Lil Spacey

Lil Spacely is a Blacktown native that has been consistently dropping heat from the streets for years now. He’s grown so much as an artist and is the most energetic performers in the country.

Music Is The Medicine is out now.

Image: Leo Harunah