Best Albums of 2020 Artist Edition: Alice Skye

Alice Skye

This year, in addition to our own Best Songs of 2020 and Best Albums of 2020, we asked some of our favourite artists to tell us about their favourite releases of this year as well. Throughout a confusing and isolated year, music in particular has been a place of refuge for many, with the communities that surround this music becoming more important than ever. Here, we ask artists from various communities whom we love and admire to engage in the very reason we exist: sharing music.

From emerging artists to living legends, acts with cult followings to artists on the verge of truly breaking through, this series includes so many different people. Hip hop, dance, psych, rock, pop, electronic and much more, the genres and sounds in this series are as varied as the metaphorical pages of Purple Sneakers itself, and offer something for everyone no matter what your taste might be. We’re so thankful to all the artists who provided their own lists, and to the extensive communities we’re grateful to tell the stories of every day.

For the Purple Sneakers team’s own count downs, read our Best Songs and Best Albums of 2020. To read the full Artist Edition series, check it out HERE.

Naarm-based Wergaia / Wemba Wemba woman Alice Skye released two brilliant singles in 2020 in ‘Grand Ideas’ and ‘Stay In Bed’. A snapshot into the introspective lyricism and adept storytelling, she allows her listeners into her mind and her life, and with her indie sounds and stunning voice, she creates entire worlds you can’t help but get lost in. Her unafraid approach to sharing her own experiences with mental illness remind us we’re not alone, and with songs like Alice‘s, we know it’s all going to be okay — even if it’s not right now. Apart of Briggs’ Bad Apples label, the future looks so bright for Alice Skye, and we cannot wait to hear more.

JK-47 ‘Made for This’

Start to finish so! good! Listened to over and over during lockdown. Young voices are so important and I love hearing our mobs different ways of telling stories. There’s just so much in here that should be listened to for people living in this country and beyond.

Miiesha ‘Nyaaringu’

Another album that is so good to listen to from beginning to end! Music that has an instantly familiar kind of 90s sound but also totally her own. A great example of how far and wide First Nations music and talent spans. So inspiring to see a young sister killing it and creating songlines that will last forever.

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks ‘Crossover’

I just don’t think anyone else has a voice like Emma. It makes me feel so emotional and so strong at the same time! This album has so many beautiful stories from someone so talented and generous at sharing.

Tkay Maidza ‘Last Year was Weird vol. 2’

So many good songs!! ‘My Flowers’ and ‘You Sad’ have really been played on repeat

Rico Nasty ‘Nightmare Vacation’

I had listened to the single ‘Own It’ so many times so I was super excited for this album to drop. I love that she seems emo at heart but the delivery is staunch and completely her own. Feels good to have this to listen to over summer and after such a tough year!! Someone tweeted “Rico Nasty’s music makes me wanna bite people” and honestly how many people have that affect?

June Jones ‘Therapy’ and ‘Jenny (Breathe)’

Not an album I realise but two amazing singles off her upcoming album ‘Leafcutter’ that I’m already so excited for and had to mention. I think June is so clever and witty and emotive in her songwriting, reminds me of being a teenager that would print lyrics out so I could read them.

Phoebe Bridgers ‘Punisher’

The reason I became so obsessed with songwriting and music was listening to songs that could articulate my feelings better than me or make me wish I’d wrote them. Again I think if I listened to this in high-school I think the lyrics would have been on my wall. Such a great, beautiful, emo album


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