Mid-Week Video Wrap: AK Sports, Cosmo’s Midnight, GUM, Shygirl, Muki and SG Lewis


There has been a metaphorical tonne of new videos out recently, so we’ve narrowed it down to just a handful of our favourites to feast your eyes upon. For more new music, check out our Best Songs of The Week playlist, #TrustedForTaste!

AK Sports – Houdini

Taking you deep into the rabbit hole and providing a transcendent escape from the current pandemic, Sydney born and London based producer and DJ AK Sports has created a simulation inspired video for her track ‘Houdini’. Transporting you into the realms of an alternate universe through the lens of a video game, ‘Houdini’ helps us relive our wildest nocturnal fantasies, as we travel through different dimensions in search of missing nightlife. Always maintaining raucous energy behind each of her tracks, AK Sports has delivered a classic underground electronic track that sends our mind straight to a propulsive dancefloor. Heavily influenced by her time in the London music scene, this cyberpunk and Matrix-esque visualiser is the perfect accompaniment to this classic club track. Directed by Conall O’Brien, the aim of this visualiser was to recreate the landscape of London nightlife through the use of digital imagery and CGI effects. Immersing us in club culture with strong beats, fast electronica and heavy synths, ‘Houdini’ is the perfect escapism we all need right now as summer dance fever approaches.

Cosmo’s Midnight – A Million Times 

Off the back of their Yesteryear album, that proved to be an exciting genre-blending exploration, Sydney twin duo Cosmo’s Midnight are back with a magical music video for their track ‘A Million Times’. Directed by Joel Burrows, the video reflects the magic heard in their funk-driven track, through wild and wacky visuals and special effects. Beginning with mundanity, brothers Pat and Cosmo Liney begrudgingly pack boxes in navy jumpsuits in a factory setting. As warped visuals and cardboard boxes fly about the room from mystical forces above, we begin to see psychedelic animations take hold. With echoey vocals, groovy guitars and sparkling electronic elements, ‘A Million Times’ sounds like it travels on a psych-infused wavelength. As the video shows the twins begin to clone and multiply in numbers, the dreamy aspects of the music are heard loud and clear with this song proving to be a mystical exploration of sound.

GUM – Low To Low 

Delivering a head-spinning afrobeat shuffle of horn stabs, retro sounds of yesteryear, and a strong dash of psychedelia, Aussie multi-instrumentalist GUM is providing the feels with his latest tune ‘Low To Low’. Adding a vintage touch to the visual aspects in his new music video, GUM is seen venturing around Fremantle thinking inside, and outside the box, as he parades around with a yellow perspex cube. As a member of psychedelic rock bands Tame Impala and POND, it’s clear to see the strong influence of psych-rock in GUM’s music, which trail throughout the kaleidoscopic visual aspects in the video. Shot with POND co-conspirator Jamie Terry, this new music video is an alternative exploration through hazy nostalgia and distinct Australian landscapes. As jazzy melodies, riffing guitars, and dusty breakbeats dance throughout ‘Low To Low’, it’s easy to feel warmth and effervescence as the visual aspects slowly take us back in time.

Muki – Level Mind Fuck 

As the first release from her upcoming body of work, Muki’s new single ‘Level Mind Fuck’ signals a new era for the electro-pop heavy hitter. With her forward-thinking sound positioning her as a rising pop princess, this Sydney artist is back with a new music video that stands as a warning, don’t mess with Muki. Soaked in an electronic swirl of jarring synths, airy sounds and punchy beats, the ‘Level Mind Fuck’ video is a chromatic, Matrix-esque extravaganza that features a dark colour palette and grungey vibes. Shot in an empty warehouse, we watch as a helpless victim falls prey to this bold artist who proves in this one-minute video that she is not one to mess with. With glitchy visual effects and a fierce touch, Muki is able to prove she is a daring individual with her high energy beats, experimental sound and innovative way of thinking.

SG Lewis – Feed The Fire 

As he prepares for the release of his long-awaited debut album times, SG Lewis has released a video for his latest single ‘Feed The Fire’ featuring Lucky Daye. Directed by Aidan Cullen, this fun-filled music video shows both artists enjoy the splendour of life before lockdown, serving as an ode to the past, as the visuals and music reinvigorate and excite us for the future. Adding retro visual elements that complement the song’s disco and synth-pop sensibilities, this video sees the pair travel through the night with no inhibitions or boundaries. Shot between London and LA, the video shows this uniting duo socialise in parking lots, mingle on the streets, and dance around a burning car to finish this wild night. As a smooth swagger encapsulates the entire song, you can’t help but groove along to this dance-ready video that will have you geared and ready for a pandemic free future.

Shygirl – SLIME

London based artist Shygirl has released a second single from her ALIAS EP called ‘SLIME’ that showcases her unique mix of hip-hop and electronica. Featuring production by SOPHIEKai Whiston and Sega Bodega, this new beat is the confidence boost we all need right now. Remaining bold and self-assured through strong rap verses, her latest video shows the artist in her element surrounded by colour and a fierce touch of sass. Co-directed by Shygirl and Aidan Zamiri and animated by Maurice Andresen, this new clip begins with animations that turn into real footage of the singer/producer, showing her in different outfits and in front of backgrounds. Emanating strong feminine energy, Shygirl raps bold lyrics as she dominates the energetic space she creates in this video. Extravagant and vibrant, this new mix of colour and sound is a true reflection of this enigmatic artist.


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