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With early beginnings in the punk-metal scene, to now venturing into the world of indie-pop and rock, the boys of Sydney band Sinclaire have been busy putting their vibrant, effervescent sound to good use. Striving to push boundaries and bring new sounds to every release, this band feel unique with their melding of differing genres heard through their standout music. Forming in 2018 this alternative band have been creating waves in the local scene, making music that brings a fresh taste to the genre of indie-pop that sounds new and exciting. With combined talent from vocalist Michael Cross, guitarist Aiden Turner, and keyboardist Jake Sheath, Sinclaire have been putting all their effort into writing, recording, and music-making over the past two years. Following the release of their debut EP Now I’m Ready To Start in 2019, to a set of singles in 2020, they have now returned once again with one of their most defining songs yet.

Invigorating us with a sense of radiance, Sinclaire have released a gleaming new single ‘coolman’ that is electric, poppy, and anthemic with catchy hooks and energetic beats, making this track the perfect party starter. Set for dancefloors in the (hopefully) near future, this groovy bop carries a synth-heavy sound that brings touches of electronica to the forefront. The band have dived headfirst into that classic indie-pop sound with additional elements that give the song a point of difference and flair. With sounds of rock heard through vivacious strumming guitars, ‘coolman’ is the modern-day indie anthem breathing life back into the mundane world we live in. Completely infectious this new tune will have you up and dancing wherever you are, and indeed make you feel like the coolest kid in town.

Creating music that is unique and different in all the right ways, we chatted to Sinclaire to hear more about their distinct sound, the story behind the band, their new single, and plans for their future. Check it out below!

Who are you?

We’re Sinclaire. A three-piece alternative pop band from Sydney and we’re trying to do things a little differently from the rest of the music scene at the moment… more on that in a second.

How did Sinclaire come to be?

Well, Aiden (guitarist) and myself actually started in the heavy/punk scene with our last band and eventually grew out of the genre and started to pursue indie/pop. We wrote a bunch of tracks that we’re a 50/50 split of synth and guitar but we had no synth player. Conveniently for me, my cousin it turned out my cousin Jake was a synth player and had like $10k worth of gear that he exclusively used in his bedroom and I was like “yo, wanna be in a band and put that shit to use?”. And here we are… there’s a few more steps along the way to where we’re at now which I like to call “Sinclare V2” but it’s a bit of a long-winded story. All you need to know is that we’ve made a lot of mistakes to get where we are and I feel like we’re finally letting loose the real us.

What are we talking, vibes-wise? 

Our biggest vibe right now is that we’re over conforming to the same cookie cutter band strategy that everyone seems to follow these days. We are 100% NOT going to be releasing the same song 3 times, whacking it on an EP, doing a music video and calling it a day until the next EP a year later. We write in the studio every weekend and our plan for future releases is going to be very sporadic and based on gut feeling. We have so many crazy songs in the back that skirt loads of genres (R&B,  hip hop, pop, alternative, indie etc.) and we honestly just want to pump music out that we genuinely are hyped on right now. Sitting on music for a year suckkkksss; you change so much as an artist every few months let alone over the course of a year and by the time you release it you might have over-thought the song and grown to dislike it.

Tell us more about your new single, ‘coolman’?

Hahaha well… Ironically, we wrote this song a year ago and have been sitting on it waiting for the right time (like I said before, we’ve made a lot of mistakes this year). When we first wrote it we were SO hyped on it. And to prove my point; at the 6-month mark I personally grew to dislike the track. I thought it was a bit immature compared to the stuff we were writing then. Basically I just over-thought it and it sucked. Fast forward to now and a few discussions with some switched on people later, I’m back to square one… this song is a massive bop! And if it wasn’t for COVID we would be ready to tear up any festival in Australia with this party rock anthem.

What can we expect from you in the months ahead?

Lots and lots and lots of music. Like I said before there’s no genre limitations and no long wait times between songs. We want to write a track, be hyped as fuck on it and then use that emotion to release and drive the song when we release it a few weeks later. We live in an age of impatient people, TikTok and trends that change daily… There’s no time to second guess yourself and sit on music until you’ve done 18 mix revisions and end up tossing it in the bin. Be more sporadic and life will be more fun, I promise you.

Where can we hear more from you?

All the usual places! Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube etc… or just click this helpful link:

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