FeelsClub’s soundtrack for the end of the world


FeelsClub have been on our radar for a while thanks to their unique brand of what they call “electro trash pop.” However, lately the Brisbane based band has made an artistic resurgence of lately with a reinvigorated sense of identity and a slightly different change of direction. We got the first taste of this with their July single, ‘talkTALK’, and now we’ve got even more to dive into with ‘skin’ — an introspective, shimmering slice of dance pop with a hook that will take you to euphoric heights.

Lifted from their forthcoming EP, A Wave Inevitable, out September 24th, ‘skin’ marks a journey inwards, tackling imposter syndrome and self-improvement over frenetic, pulsating production. It’s easily one of the band’s best singles yet, with their sound fully-fledged and ready for the floor.

Frontman St. Jonnie said of their new single, “The lyrics themselves address the imposter syndrome you can face when you start to try and correct your behaviours. Be it learning to call out your own toxic traits by choice or force, or just learning to understand what your personal boundaries are and asking others to respect them. All in all, it can be a very confronting

“It’s like you have this whole new person trying to fit into and walk around in your old skin. It’s hard when you meet people you used to vibe with and they say some weird shit you used to agree with, because you lacked perspective and understanding, and then you just feel like… ‘Who even am?’ ‘What is under this skin and does it even matter if people still just see and expect the old you?’ Life is weird. Let’s try and be nice to each other and grow. Xoxo”

So, with that in mind and the whole global pandemic/worst year ever thing we’re all currently experience, FeelsClub have put together a very, very fitting playlist to soundtrack the end of the world as we know it. When the zombies come, at least we’ll have some great tunes to help get us through. Dive in below:

That’s Life – Frank Sinatra

Me, my 2 cats, a sawn off shotgun, an axe, and an old jalopy strung together with whatever I can find. Flat stick just burning down an abandoned highway at top speed getting ready for whatever the world throws at us next and this song is blaring on the radio. Did my best friend just get eaten by mutant raiders? Did my water supply get filled with holes in a firefight? Am I slowly dying of radioactive poisoning? That’s life baby! – St Jonnie

Super Bug – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Even before covid this song hit hard. It’s such a heavy sludge metal tune that just rides your soul into oblivion. Every time it plays I’m already there in the ashes of the world ready to ride out the storm. – St Jonnie

They’re Hanging Me Tonight – Marty Robbins

What a campfire tune. Just sitting with my friends singing sad songs about doomed lives drinking the last bottles of whiskey in existence. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow… but we all die. – St. Jonnie

Magnetic North – Soviet X-ray Record Club

This classic tune by a now dead Brisbane band is such a ripper. For a long long time it has been my flying into the sun song. My third act, make or break moment as I storm the fortress tune. Any time I have needed to overcome I rip out this absolute weapon of a song. Apocalypse me would have this on his scavenged solar charged iPod shuffle for sure. – St Jonnie

Gesafflestein – Pursuit

This track fits nearly all of my end of the world scenarios. Most importantly, it perfectly encapsulates the energy one needs when slaying zombies until their final breath. In a similar fashion to playing dance dance revolution, zombie destruction will be synced to this beastly four to the floor anthem. – DJLJ

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill

This one is the complete antithesis to Pursuit. Once the carnage has ended, and either our foes lay vanquished, or they’re gnawing on our bones, Melancholy Hill will be the wind in our sails that sends us on to oblivion. – DJLJ

Fun Times in Babylon – Father John Misty

It’s so melancholy and apathetic yet tugs at your heart strings in such a heavenly way. I want this song to play at my funeral so why not at the death of the world as we know it. – St. Jonnie

The Piano Has Been Drinking (not me) – Tom Waits

A song about the best bar I’ve ever heard of? Perfection. I’d for sure use it as the template of my end of the world divebar I start in the first wasteland refuge I settle down in. I’d play it every night at closing time and remember the world that was and never could be. – St. Jonnie

Heroes – David Bowie

This song can make any moment amazing.. and what’s more amazing then surviving an apocalypse. – Pepe

Lotus Flower – Radiohead

If this song was lost forever I wouldn’t want to exist. Many friendships were strengthened after a few drunken sing alongs. What else are you supposed to do for fun after an apocalypse. – Pepe

Interview by Emma Jones
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