DOOLIE reveals the key inspirations behind her debut mixtape


Gold Coast’s DOOLIE is a star on the rise. From the early days, she has consistently pushed herself to remain innovative and exciting, and never in one spot for too long. Because of this, she’s picked up some serious steam over the years, resulting in the release of her debut mixtape earlier this month.

DOOLIE said of the mixtape, “It’s been such a journey to get to this point, these songs represent different times in my life and have come together as a soundtrack I wish I had. I hope they connect with anyone going through a similar time in their lives. The collaboration process on this mixtape, has helped me grow so much personally, as well as a songwriter. I’m so thankful for all the amazing people I’ve worked with, and who’ve been part of the process with me.

Aptly titled hope u like my mixtape, DOOLIE teamed up with a select crew of incredible producers including Kilter (It’s You Not Me), Moonbase (Only For A Night), GXNXVS (Attention, 2:20), Cam Nacson (Slow Crawl), ALIUS (Conflicted), Paces (Don’t Run) and POOLCLVB (Freefall) to take her tracks to a higher level. As such, the end result is a collection of songs that not only puts DOOLIE on the map one to watch, but also marks a turning point for her as an artist as she continues to come into her own. Now with a fully refined vision of who she is and where she’s headed, the only question that remains is no longer if, but when she truly takes over.

To dig a little deeper into the inspirations behind DOOLIE as she is now and her mixtape, we got to chat to her about some of the key artists and songs that have influenced her along the way. Take a read below!

Marina and the Diamonds – Electra Heart

okay looking back on the album, my favourite was definitely “How to Be a Heartbreaker”. I think this is what really sparked the sassy pop in my writing.

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Hands down my favourite on this album was “National Anthem”. I love how much she uses her range in this track. I love her rhythm and her story in this song, and the production is just big, I also love that the production harmonises with her in the chorus.

Banks – Goddess

“This is What it Feels like” Such. An. Empowering. Song. This song really started pushing my love of writing those empowering anthems.

Kim Petras – Clarity

Where do I begin… But because I’m only allowed to pick one it would have to be “Do Me”. The production really takes you on a ride (lol) and omg her HUGE NOTES LIKE WTF. Also love how sxc this song is and she’s not swearing in it… hot.

SZA – Ctrl

My favourite of this album is definitely “Love Galore”. First of all I love singing this song, her runs are so smooth but also not over the top, they’re chill af. And I love how lo-fi, but vibey the production is. It’s like sexy but also soft.

hope u like my mixtape is out now via etcetc.

Words by Emma Jones
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