Biblemami’s Top Five Quarantine TikTokers


Future superstar BIBLEMAMI is a name you need to get familiar with. The 16 year old Canberra bedroom pop artist has shared her debut single, ‘act ur age’, this month and is already making waves. Simple but catchy as hell, it’s a lo-fi DIY snapshot into her world and everyday life, and a very exciting sneak peek at what is still to come.

Channeling the likes of Mallrat and citing Hole’s Celebrity Skin album as her musical doctrine plus Lorde, Doja Cat, King Princess and Brockhamption as inspirations, biblemami‘s music is a melting pot of all of this and more. Mixing trap beats with quintessential pop sensibilities and a riot grrl attitude, she’s at once relatable and untouchable, and will have you hooked from the get go.

Tipped to be one of this year’s break out stars, we wanted to get to know her better. With social distancing and self-isolation now the new normal, a lot of people have been discovering the wonderful and wild world of TikTok, so we asked biblemami to give us the scoop on some of her favourite quarantine TikTokers to help get us through. Check it all out below!

@gnarlykarlyHere’s me doing a bleh impression of snow white, react w a harmony/echo possibly ? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage♬ original sound – gnarlykarly


I absolutely love love love Karly Menezes. She is such a talented makeup artist- which is why I started following her- but she is so funny and charming that I could watch anything she posts for hours on end. And her outfits? Straight FIIIIRE. She can sing too. Like literally name one thing this girl can’t do.

@brendanxaOh Jerry ##turnitup ##ThatsWhatILike ##foryou ##animals ##jerry ##car♬ original sound – brendanxa


This man has ducks. That’s all I have to say really. But oh my god, he is so hilarious and his ducks are so cute and he has tons of animals too and it’s just the most pure and chaotic TikTok account ever. I would die for him.

@adamrayokayPOV: Rosa swears she’s not hungry because she hates eating in front of her man🤣 ##pov ##foryou ##viral♬ original sound – adamrayokay

@adamrayokay aka. Rosa

If you are not familiar with Rosa (a persona created by @adamrayokay), I have absolutely no words for you. She is the lord and saviour. She is iconic, divine, inhumanly amazing. I feel like I quote her videos way too much, but so does like everyone I know. If you don’t follow Adam/Rosa on TikTok there is no point in being on the app. I think I could spend an entire day isolated just watching Rosa ask me for a dollar.

@edeniguessWait for it ##foryoupage ##CauldronChallenge ##foryoupage ##art♬ Kiwi used this sound Ok ByE – speedster.jordan


Although she doesn’t have as many TikToks as the other people on this list, her talent more than makes up for it. The vibes are literally impeccable. Her artistic ability and creativity are just. So. Fucking. Cool. She has a couple hair dye videos which I must stan, so I can live vicariously through her without frying off my hair. And she has a really cute bunny. I want nothing more than to pet that bunny. It looks so soft.

@shreksdumpsterI WILL C UT UR HANDS OFF♬ original sound – shreksdumpster


This girl Sarah could honestly run me over with a car and I would thank her. If you are a bit down during isolation, she is THE bitch to follow. Idk how to quite explain it but she actually makes me feel less lonely, like she is so so funny bro I cannot stress it enough. And she’s got a lot of videos. I think I’ve probably watched just about all of them at least twice. Probably gonna watch each one about 5 times before crawl out of my bed at the end of quarantine.

‘act ur age’ is out now via Dew Process.

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