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Sydney four-piece PIRRA are back in a big way with their latest single. Titled ‘The Peak’, it was written during the comedown of a massive weekend and is all about looking back on those surreal moments, even when you’re feeling less than fabulous. Harking back to an almost bloghaus-era sound with its tribal-like chanting, chugging bassline and synth explosions, ‘The Peak’ is a dancefloor filler that will get you hooked from the first few seconds.

Fronted by Luritjia woman Jess Beck, Beck said of the song, ““We’d all been left feeling like wet paper bags after having one of those once in a lifetime weekends. So, in days that followed it was almost medicinal to write a song about those surreal moments even though at the time those feelings were in pretty stark contrast.”

With ‘The Peak’, Pirra are leveling up in more ways than one. Not only is it a huge step forward for the band sonically as they embrace their indie-electro stylings more than ever, but it also comes along with the good news that they’ve signed with celebrated UK label Cr2 Records, through their imprint BLK&WHT, meaning they now share a roster with massive names including Carl Cox and Gerd Janson.

With all systems go for Pirra, we wanted to get to know them a little better to find out all about them. Take a read below and listen to ‘The Peak’ now:

Who are you? 

We are Pirra, a band from Sydney. We’re fronted by our singer Jess Beck, I (James) play guitar, and we have twin brothers Jeff and Curt Argent on drums and bass.

How did Pirra come to be?

The twins and I met in Sydney whilst studying music together. We were getting a band together and needed a singer. Curt mentioned that the girl he had just started dating sang a bit, so we got together and played a few of her songs. We quickly realised she is an epic performer with a great voice and have been playing together ever since.

What are we talking, vibes-wise? 

Our debut album was an indie-rock affair, but we’ve recently become really influenced by dance music. I’d say the music we’re making now is towards more of an indie-dance direction. We love delving into electronic production, but I think we’ll always be a live band at heart. It’s been great doing the last few gigs and seeing audiences enjoy the new direction. It’s one of the best feelings to play music and see it get people moving.

Tell us more about your single, The Peak?

It was written by our bass player Curt after an amazing weekend left us a little fragile. He worked through some demons to give us this super upbeat track that we love playing. He sent me the first demo when I was on holiday in New Zealand, and I won’t lie, I liked it so much part of me wanted to come straight back to Sydney and work on music!

What can we expect from you in the months ahead? 

We’ve been sitting on a bunch of unreleased music for ages, and we can’t wait to share it. Over the past few months we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of our favourite producers like Konstantin Kersting and Roy Kerr. So you can expect to hear plenty more music, and a bunch of live gigs over the next few months. 

Where can we hear more from you? 

You could come and see us live at one of our upcoming Sydney shows such as Friday March 20 at the Beresford with Brendan Maclean, Sat April 4 Torch Fest at the Factory Theatre, May 22 at Vic on the Park, or April 18 at Scott’s Head music festival if you fancy a drive up the coast. But we won’t hold it against you if you want to listen to us from the comfort of your devices. Give us a like or a follow on your socials and keep an eye on your preferred streaming platform for any new content.

‘The Peak’ is out now via Cr2 Records’ imprint BLK&WHT.

Introduction by Emma Jones
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