Sydney producer William. rebrands as Tek Genesis

Sydney producer, William. has today announced the next phase of his creative pursuit. After feeling out of touch with his previous project, he’s moved forward and announced his new project in Tek Genesis.
He’ll be making his debut in a few weeks time on Wednesday, August 21. What we do know, is that this new project will see him explore a combination of bass music, acid, jungle & hip-hop to make for an entirely unique listening experience.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt creatively in control of my music project. I became engrossed in a cycle of not knowing what to create and settling on making what I thought people would want from the William. project, which was not where I wanted to be at. I came to the realisation about 8 months ago that I needed to progress myself creatively in order to rectify this; I needed to develop my craft, grow as an artist and move on to the next chapter.
Tek Genesis is the next step in my music career.
“This is a project I’ve put all my energy into and I’m excited to show it all to you guys. The last 8 months of writing have been some of the most refreshing and enjoyable times I’ve had making music in a long time. Ending this off, I want to thank those of you, for sticking around during the quiet times as of late, and for all the support I’ve received so far and all the opportunities I’ve been given. I’ve got so much unreleased music to show you guys and I’m super excited for what the future holds.”



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