L D R U & Boo Seeka interview each other about their new track ‘Ruler’ & getting kicked out of pubs

We love a good coming together of some of our Aussie favourites, and this year has proven to be a big year for collaboration already. Not long ago, Sydney’s L D R U returned with his new track, ‘Ruler’. Featuring the silky-smooth vocals of soul electronic duo Boo Seeka, the track sees him opting for huge, cinematic soundscapes making for a lush pairing.

“The track started like a Cinderella love story, We went into the studio to work on stuff for the live show, then bam!  Hooks from Boo, drops from L D R U and everything else in between. We’re all really proud of this one,” they said.

To celebrate the track’s release and to get an insight into the relationship L D R U and Boo Seeka have, we put it to them to ask each other a few questions, and in the process, they’ve revealed some pretty crazy stories from their time together. Take a look below.


Hi LDRDrew, with our new song together called ‘Ruler’, we were wondering what is the biggest or smallest body part you have ever measured? And what was the size recorded?

Haha is this a setup? I’m not going to tell you the smallest body part I’ve ever measured. I did recently measure my left butt cheek and it came in at a cool 117.8cm.

We’ve spent plenty of time with you around the hours of 3AM recently. Can you tell us what you think is the best music for this time of the night and at what level the volume should be turned to?

There are a lot of variables to that question. You don’t need music at 3AM when Michael (one half of Boo Seeka) is still going. He provides enough entertainment. However, 3AM is the perfect time for bangers. Not too loud though, because usually my manager is asleep.

With your acronym for LDRU being ‘Legless Drew Runs Ugly’, what did you have in mind for ‘Boo Seeka’?

Ben’s over and out silly eels everyday kicking ass…

If you could throw 5 house parties across 5 key area’s in Australia, where would you have them, who would you ask to play and how much would the entry fee be?

Manly on the beach, Somewhere cool in Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron Bay at Angus Stone‘s house and Adelaide. I’d ask What So Not, Hayden James, Duk Boys, Boo Seeka, Kodagraph and Calssica. Free entry and VB kegs for everyone.

We love you LDRDrew. This isn’t a question, more a statement to say we loved creating magic with you, we’re going to enjoy touring with you and most of all, we love eating with you.

Oh, thanks.


What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you during a show?

Boo is a lover of red wine and often finishes off a bottle or two before a show to calm the nerves of excitement. On one of our first tours together, Boo was replacing lyrics with animal names. Mid set, I had to stop one of our songs and explain to the crowd what was happening – the crowd was ‘mooing’ and ‘woofing’ for the rest of the set. T’was barn yard wild.

How many pubs has Michael been kicked out of on tour?

Mikey is a very smooth talker so for the amount of times he gets himself into trouble with security is quite often the same amount of new ‘best friends’ he ends up with after each night out. He was once kicked out of a venue we were playing before we had even started our set. Fun fact.

Will Connor Mcgregor ever fight again?

In no way is this question sponsored by ‘Irish 12 WHiskey’, the smoothest and most dominant whiskey in all the land but god damn that whiskey is worth spending money on. Yes, he will fight Khabib after Dustin pulls out due to injury. For the bonus point, yes he will win with a left hand knock out in the 1st round.

What do you have planned for your next release. Album?

We’re currently in the midst of writing our 2nd album now. Plans are for this to come out early next year with some special announcements to come soon. We have been teasing a few new songs on tour and the reaction has been insane. Pumped to put it out and see the world again!

When you’re getting towards the end of the tour and life is tough, do you spoon each other for comfort?

Comfort? We spoon for pleasure. You’d never guess who is the little spoon either!






No idea where she’ll be in 10 years, but as long as she has a good record and a glass of white wine, she’ll be sweet.