Pushing boundaries and the future of Australian pop with CXLOE

If Australia is having a pop music moment, CXLOE is at the front and centre. The rising star has gone from strength to strength across her three singles, each portraying a new and exciting side from her every time, mixed in with a refined vision of what she is going to bring to pop music. From her debut, ‘Tough Love’, to her breakthrough in ‘Monster’, to even her most recent release in ‘Show You’, CXLOE wastes no time in asserting herself and her prowess as one exciting force on the pop scene, not just from Australia but beyond as well.

Having grown up splitting her time between LA and Sydney, the young star has already spent quite a while cutting her teeth in the industry before waiting for the perfect time to strike out on her own. From teaming up with SUPERCRUEL on ‘Sicklaced’ to supporting GEORGE MAPLE, she’s quickly picking up speed and kicking so many goals while she’s at it, and isn’t showing a single sign of slowing down any time soon.

Ahead of her upcoming performances at BIGSOUND, there’s just something in the air about CXLOE that makes the hype feel so worth it. From her powerful lyrics to her incredible voice, she’s one rising star we’ve got both eyes firmly planted on. We decided to get to know her a little better before she well and truly blows up, because if there’s one thing for certain, it’s that CXLOE is headed straight for the top.

Who are you?

A dog/music lover trying to find her way!

How did CXLOE come to be?

CXLOE came to be after years of experimenting with sounds, making mistakes, small wins and epic fails. I started writing for my project a few years back and was writing folk, RnB, ballads and then only about a year ago I fell into my sound of dark pop. It was after this I felt like it was time to start releasing music.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

Dark POP

The reception of your single, ‘Monster’, was so great to see. How have things changed for you if at all since that song was released?

I did have a great reception after Monster was released! Things haven’t so much changed, but I definitely feel like I’m being taken more seriously. Its hard, I don’t know if it’s age, gender or just earning your place but I do struggle with feeling like I am not taken seriously. So after Monster I did feel a shift in attitude from a lot of my peers. Almost like ok, she actually wants to do this for a living and is serious about her craft.

Tell us a bit about your new single, Show You?

‘Show You’ was definitely the hardest single I’ve written! Which seems silly because it definitely has a lighter lyrical content than ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Monster’. I could write dark, brooding, depressing songs all day – so this was a challenge, but one I loved very much. I wanted to push the love/sex boundaries. I often struggle with my words in any type of relationship and can’t seem to articulate how I feel; it makes me too nervous. This song is for when words aren’t enough. For when words won’t do. When you need to show someone how you feel instead.

You spent a lot of time living between LA and Sydney since you were 16, how has this experience shaped you?

Oh god hahaha boy it shaped me! And is still shaping me! I look back now and think, if only I knew that I didn’t have to try and fit in or hang with the cool kids or compromise myself. You are a product of your surroundings and LA can get you good. I learnt a lot of good and bad lessons which are all coming out in my music and am grateful for all of them.

You’re now playing at BIGSOUND this year – how are you feeling going into what can be such a big week?

I’m so excited!! I’ve been doing a lot of shows lately and after doing the George Maple tour I feel like my stamina is ready for such a big week! I’m also super pumped because I have so many friends either headlining or playing in bands for other people, so its going to be such a fun hang doing what we all love 🙂

You’ve worked with the likes of Kota Banks and you toured with George Maple last year. Pop music is Australia has been on such a rise over the past few months particularly from these artists and many more, it’s really exciting! Does it feel that way for you?

Yes definitely. For a while there was a stigma around Pop. I even caught myself feeling embarrassed to say that Pop was my favourite style of music. But the boundaries of what is ‘popular’ are continually being pushed and diversified which makes the future of Australia Pop so exciting.

Looking forward, what can we expect from you still to come? Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to?

Lots of new music! My sound is constantly evolving and i’m always growing. I’m particularly excited to put out the music i’ve been working on as it shows another side to my crazy/emotional/anxious brain!

4-7 SEPTEMBER, 2018

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Interview by Emma Jones





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