PREMIERE: Morning Harvey are ready to go with new single + debut album

It’s exciting to be a fan of a band from their early, formative years and watching them grow into fully-fledged stars. There’s a certain element of self-assurance that bands who stick it out and continue striving to push themselves attain, and it’s at that moment that we can start to see them ascend to the next level (and the next level, and the next level). In my case, it’s MORNING HARVEY, the Brisbane based indie rock band. From forming in 2014 to now, they’ve been nothing if not consistent in their ability to constantly evolve, never staying in one place too long but always maintaining that Morning Harvey essence that has seen them acquire a loyal fanbase worldwide. From the early days of ‘Girl Euphoria (Come Back To Me)’ through to ‘Susanne Monday’, to even just last year with the release of ‘Holy Gun’ and ‘Lucky Day’, Morning Harvey have worked tirelessly to hone their sound and define themselves, and now, they’re set to make this year theirs.

Returning today with a brand new single, ‘Are You Ready To Go’, the band’s long awaited debut album is set to drop this September. Building on their early influences like the Happy Mondays or even Oasis, ‘Are You Ready To Go’ represents the band completely coming into their own. With growling, driving guitars that are synonymous with the Morning Harvey sound and lead singer Spencer White‘s trademark soaring vocals, this single comes with the oomph of a band ready to unveil who they are and what they’re about in their most defined way yet.

Lead singer Spencer White said of the song, “AYRTG is a pretty literal recount on a fairly reckless yet wonderful few months of my life. A kind of recap on a time where I was trying to fill a void with partying till the wee hours of the morning and then seeking out further enjoyment that would aid my so called “high” in continuing on for as long as I could, with whoever was willing. (Mainly just climbing things). God knows what that void was but I felt like it was definitely the right way to approach things. Not much has changed. I still enjoy seeing the sun come up. I think the ‘are you ready to go’ part comes from the third person aspect. Probably those closest to me asking that particular question.”

It’s clear that Morning Harvey are on the precipice of something big, and that excitement is compacted within their new single. An upbeat, liberating song that is equally infectious with its anthemic hook and impressive in its many elements the band have encompassed into the song, the one thing that is for certain is that Morning Harvey are most definitely ready to go now.

Words by Emma Jones





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