The best bits of Secret Garden 2018

What better way to cap off an incredible summer, than dancing in a forest with your best friends? That’s a rhetorical question of course, because we all know the answer is, that there simply isn’t. One festival experience that continues to surpass expectations is SECRET GARDEN FESTIVAL. Set on the outskirts of Sydney on Brownlow Farm, Secret Garden invites punters to escape the mundane. Over two days, the festival hosts a variety of local acts across 5 intimate and eclectic stages. Exploration is a key theme of the event, and much like the stages, the punters get more colourful and creative each year.

Whilst it’s difficult to put into words the magic that is SECRET GARDEN, we’ve put together a list of this year’s stand out elements.

Image by Jack Toohey (yeahsure)

First and foremost, the stages. Each year the stages are curated by a a variety of local artist collective and music crews. All of whom have worked tirelessly as to bring their epic passion and vision to life. Whether you’re a sinner that wants to get down to RnB, or you’re looking to lose yourself to some hectic jungle in the jungle. MATKA did an amazing job, putting together an a femme focused stage- with some seriously banging beats at the LETS’IN stage. At the other end, we had DUNGEON CREW, BIG TINGS RECORDINGS and GILSUN bringing dank, and dark UK vibes at MESOMANIAC. For those seeking something a little more light hearted, the COSMOTEQUE brought grooviest disco vibes straight from the year 3079.

Our jelly legs are still recovering after 48 hours of solid grooving. All bangers and absolutely no mash. Each stage had it’s own vibe, which meant, that there was something for everyone. As you wandered through the lush forest canopies to try and escape the heat, you’d end up finding lots of fun little dance crannies to let loose. Whether it was BILLY DAVIS rocking the main stage with his full live band, or the eternal classic, ‘Sandstorm’, bringing us all together at Bec’s house. The music was diverse, dancey, and utterly delectable. 

Image by Sam Venn Photography

The crowd plays a really vital role in determining what kind of experience you’re going to have, and just what kind of taste an event will leave in your mouth. One thing that continues to set Secret Garden apart, is that it is truly a F&*K WIT free zone! I cannot press this point enough. As a young carefree woman who likes to shake her butt on the dance floor, it’s certainly nice to know that at Secret Garden, you can do this without fear of being harassed or judged. Girl’s just got to get her freak on sometimes.

Which leads me to my next point. EVERYONE IS A BLOODY LEGEND! Honestly if you wander off and lose your friends, or just want to explore the space at your own pace, I can assure you that you’re going to meet at least 5 new friends along the way. Whether you go with a big group of friends, or you go it alone, you’re guaranteed to leave with at least a couple of new life long pals at the end of this eventful this 5000 pax capped event. And everyone is basically as cool, fun and creative as their amazing costumers.

Image by Tim Da Rin

Celebrating a milestone of existing for a full decade this year, it truly was the most special Secret Garden yet. A festival that puts their guests first, every year they out do themselves in ways that you can’t imagine, constantly striving to improve and create new experiences for their very, very loyal Gardeners. We can honestly say that even after 10 years, Secret Garden continues to take your breath away. See you in the forest next year!

Main Image: James Simpson for Stoney Roads.

Words by Rosie Rae





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