A beginner’s guide to Perth with Telete

Chamber-pop/synth-gaze-inspired duo TELETE (Teh-leh-tee) create music that really is in a league of its own. I know that’s such a cliche, but here it’s true. The Perth duo cherry pick inspiration from everywhere, and use their songwriting prowess to create music that is thought-provoking and unafraid of the truth.

Their latest single, ‘Basketball Boy’, is a superbly pretty, synth-driven song that features heavenly vocals and blooming atmospherics – but don’t let that lull you into thinking this is a pretty song. No, here Telete (consisting of Mai Barnes and Hayley Ayres) tackle the universally-shared experience of a lifetime of accumulated sexist micro-aggressions and global gaslighting with lyrics such as “And he says, ‘Most of what you’re feeling is your own fault anyway’/He says ‘If you choose to be offended then that’s the choice you’ve made'”. See what I meant about being unafraid of the truth?

It’s pretty powerful stuff, and by using a Juno 60, the synth carries the frustration in the song with its vintage sounds. Telete expertly put their pain on a platform, but use a complex filter with their beautiful arrangements to not so much diminish the pain but to own it in their own way.

It’s no wonder this rising duo has supported the likes ofJulia JacklinAlyx Dennison and Holly Throsby, and are about to embark on their own tour which kicks off tomorrow! To get to know them a little better before they trek around the country, they’ve given us a guide to their hometown of Perth. If you’ve never been there before, fear not, as this is a list of places the duo would take you for your first visit. Check it all out below, as well as their dates for their tour!

Image by Hayley Ayres

John Forrest National Park

We go here for hikes all the time during the winter to clear our brains and look at some nice things. It’s a massive park with so many different options for hiking. You can even brave the abandoned train tunnel. There are also lots of waterfalls for you to swoon over and even some good swimming spots. Would recommend starting yourself off on the trail that goes from Swan View to Parkerville. It’s about 15km return, and includes a stop at the Parkerville Tavern for lunch half way.

Pictured is Mai and our bestie Ellen who also plays music under the name Oosterbanger. Check that out. We love it (and her)

Image by Amber Bateup

The Bird

If you’re going to play a decent gig in Perth, The Bird has always got the goods. Plus their booker Rosie is an absolute legend. They’ve got cheap drinks, great food options (the hot chippies are a serious vibe) and always have the best underground music from Perth and around the country/globe. It also has a beer garden (bonus points) and house backline (bonus bonus points) and Chris from Methyl Ethel does sound there so you can fully meet celebs and feel real spesh. Telete play The Bird a bunch. We’re having our Perth launch at The Bird. The band in the pic isn’t us (we wish) but they’re very awesome. They’re called Body Type!

Image by Hayley Ayres

Blackwall Reach

If you feel like jumping off a cliff into some water, this place has got you covered. Just pick carefully where you jump because people have seriously hurt themselves over the years. But if you chicken out (like we do) the walk along the cliffs is still super amazing.

Image via Mojo’s

Fremantle (in general)

It’s like a whole other city that’s way cooler and showcases it’s rich history and is generally better in every way than Perth. It’s about half an hour from Perth and there are loads of great live music venues: Mojo’s being the superlative for local music, Odd Fellow, Fremantle Arts Centre and a bunch more. You can also do a night tour at Fremantle Prison which is super spooky and if you’re not claustrophobic try the tunnels tour as well. South Beach near by is fab for a dip and bonus! It’s a dog beach! Good food in Freo can be found at Bread in Common, Little Lefroys and Juicy Beetroot (for those who are veggie inclined).

Image: Supplied

Belmont Op Shops

There’s a great string of huge op shops at 199 Abernethy Road in Belmont which is a 20 minute bus trip from the CBD. You can easily spend many hours digging through these places and we never walk away empty handed.

Image by Hayley Ayres

Go Down South

If you have some time to spend in WA, you can’t miss out on going down to the south west of WA. Like beaches? Hit up Gracetown, Margaret River, Albany. Like forests? Hit up Pemberton (make sure you head out to the treetops walk), Bridgetown, and also stop by Harvey on your way back up from where ever you’ve been down south. They have the best butcher anywhere! Plus excellent orange juice.

Image via Facebook

Satchmo Cafe

Fav cafe in Perth. Don’t ask questions, just go. Sometimes they have music on as well and open up for the evening. The Reuben Bagel or Fried Chicken Bagels are the stand out items.

Highgate Continental

Unfortunately they don’t serve up conti rolls but they do serve up excellent tunes. If you’re looking for some obscure Japanese vinyl in the form of it’s first pressing, this is where you’ll find it.



TUE 6 FEB, COBRA CLUB @ THE BANK, SYD – supporting Rainbow Chan (FREE SHOW)

THU 15 FEB, THE BIRD, PERTH, w/ Your Girl Pho & Jamilla

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