Introducing Eternal: Ptwiggs and Grasps_’s new experimental label

PTWIGGS and GRASPS_ are both masters of crafting intensely specific soundscapes. Both mixing piercing crashes and squeals of high end sampling with rumbling bass in their work, the two are kindred spirits musically and conceptually. Through the spectrum of dense and delicate soundscapes they create, the two explore polarising sound design and emotional catharsis in the club.

Together they’re part of the Australian chapter of an experimental underground scene reshaping a mix of trap, grime, ambient and industrial sounds for a club context. This scene has bloomed mostly online with these two and many other Aussie artists like them setting their sights overseas to collaborate and get their music out to a new audience. But, all of that is about to change with the launch of their own experimental label, ETERNAL. Serving as a meeting of the minds between Ptwiggs and Grasps_, these two are creating a new platform on which they can share new and exciting music from artists that might not necessarily have the support they need right now, and by doing so, are working hard to further their community in which this creativity can flourish.

Ahead of the label’s launch party, a night promising plenty of twisted club sounds and wall vibrating emotion, we talked to Ptwiggs and Grasps_ about the response to their sound, the local and international scene and their musical inspirations.

What sounds or genres inspire you in your work?

We’re both really inspired by the ‘deconstructed club’ & ambient scenes, which thrive on the internet. We both took haven with our music in this small scene & met each other through that, so it has been a pretty pivotal part of organising this project together.

What made you two want to come together to start Eternal?

A label is something we’ve both always wanted to do. We’ve been able to find so many talented artists in person and online who we feel need a place to showcase their music. Our ultimate goal is to support left of field emerging artists that we believe in as well as being able to have a space to independently release our own music.

The club night goes hand-in-hand with the label to create a comfortable place to listen to these types of artists.

What can people expect to hear from your label?

We have a vision of releasing lots of different experimental works ranging from ambient and drone to club and harsh noise, both within Australia & abroad.

What is the response is like for the ambient yet industrial club music you produce? 

Grasps_: For me this has been an interesting process. My music has always referenced trap & underground hip hop, so it’s a bit more digestible than other tracks within the same genre. It’s definitely been difficult in Sydney (and Australia) to have people comfortable enough to book us for shows, which is a shame because I think our music works best in a live-environment. Creating our own club night has been just as much about supporting experimental artists as it is about excavating a new space for people to feel comfortable performing their own music in.

Ptwiggs: I think online the response is positive, it’s been so cool to be able to release my EP on a Sydney label (Deep Seeded) and doing that has really helped make the music I play and produce more accessible to Sydney.

How do you hope people feel when they listen to your music and future Eternal releases?

Grasps_: For my music it’s about a lot of things, particularly dealing with the physicality of emotions that can kind of riddle you. Our collaborative EP between myself & ptwiggs is pretty diverse. We mesh a lot of delicate melodies and ambient works with harsh percussive rhythms & heavy drum sequences. The music we plan to release is a mix[ed] bag of different genres, but I hope it makes people curious for more from the individual artists. I hope it makes them check out their other works and hopefully support them in future. In the end though I genuinely hope people are open to giving it a chance.

Ptwiggs: I produce music using my emotions, I mix my music analytically but it is still a process, it’s like once the emotions are produced I can look at them from afar. I hope people feel challenged by the music I create and by the music we will be releasing on the label.

Who are some Australian artists you’re excited about at the moment?

Grasps_: Marcus Whale, Slim Set, Sortagoth, Night Dives, luvsan, CHINO, HED Ardennes. These are all people I get really overly-excited about hearing their music when it comes out & I’m so happy I can call them all my friends.

Ptwiggs: CORIN, my all time favourite. ju ca‘s new album released on Phinery, & Mackeeper‘s released & unreleased tracks.

You’ve both already linked up with so many international artists for releases and collabs in the past, are there any more in the works for your label?

At the moment, we’re planning to release a few international experimental artists & eventually bring out a compilation, including some of our own music as ptwiggs & Grasps_. We’re both working on a collaborative EP which has been a really cool process, and we’re excited to release on our on label too.

Describe the vibe of the Eternal launch party in just 5 words


Club 77, Darlinghurst
Saturday, December 16 9pm
Tickets $10 + bf

Marcus Whale (DJ)
Hannah Lockwood (Deep Seeded Records)
DJ Atro (Slim set)
DJ Mackeeper (EVE)
Scam (EVE)








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