Juliet Fox talks inspirations, future plans and living in Berlin

Adelaide-born, now Berlin-based producer and DJ JULIET FOX has loved Chicago house and Detroit techno since her early teens, and has spent most of her life dedicated to dance music. From DJing in Ibiza in 2010, she’s progressed through the international scene and risen up the ranks as one of the most exciting producers and DJs on the global circuit thanks not just her exceptional DJing but her addictive work on the production front as well.

Having released her own music on labels like Cajual, Toolroom, Set About, Suara and more, she adds the unique sounds of her own vocals into the mix of her deep, dark techno and tech house sounds to make something utterly her own. With collab partners like GREEN VELVET, COYU, RAMIRO LOPEZ and SONNY FODERA, it seems just about everyone is catching onto her infectious sounds.

With a huge 2017 already underway, Juliet Fox will be releasing even more music on labels such as ODD, Drumcode, Toolroom and more, as well as hitting the road for a world tour to play just about everywhere including North America, Asia, South Africa, Ibiza, London and much more.Now returning to Australia for a string of exciting club shows, we caught up with Fox to talk all about her journey so far, and what’s still to come!

You’ve been travelling a lot, crafting your sound, tell me about what that’s been like?

It’s been a pretty special journey, which just keeps on getting better with every gig or tour I do. Living in Berlin has definitely influenced me, and has allowed me to experiment and really find my sound.

Any stand out clubs and events that you connected with (in Aus and Europe)?

There are so many great clubs around Europe and in Oz, but I’m really looking forward to playing at a party called Jack in Amsterdam over ADE weekend. The venue is called Bijlmerbajes which was actually an old prison that only just closed last year. For Australia, I always love playing for MVMNT in Perth, and now can’t wait to check out the newly refurb’d venue Nevermind Smallclub. 

Australia is a pretty small place, but there’s a lot of musical diversity and cross pollination with genres etc, how would you say back home compares to a somewhere more genre focused, for example in a techno focused city like Berlin?

It can be a bit challenging coming back to play in Australia, as you need to adjust your sound slightly or be aware that what you have been playing in Berlin might not work just as well in Australia, even though it is progressing quite fast there.

What’s been your favourite part of living in Berlin?

For me it’s being able to work as a producer / DJ full time, and know that any day of the week I can go out and hear some of the best artists from around the world playing and have that musical inspiration right there when you need.

Whenever I think about how I got into music stuff, I can always think of a few key moments, events, people that inspired me and helped me network, what’s your own experience been like building such a diverse and international music network?

For me it was moving to Ibiza and living out there for a couple of seasons where I had the opportunity to meet with other DJ’s, label owners, managers etc on a daily basis at some amazing parties and events. I also think some of the best experiences and networking situations for me was going to WMC, ADE and also Sonar as there, you’re circulating with everyone you need to.

And it what ways has it shaped you and helped you grow as an artist?

It’s helped massively being able to meet and speak to people you inspire to, and I also found introducing yourself and chatting to them the best way have a direct and personal contact to then pass on any music or unsigned tracks. Also attending some of the biggest events going on around the world, and having access to see other DJ’s performing right next to you, how they mix, what equipment these or how they interact with others has really helped me develop.

From an outsiders perspective, the scene has changed for women in this type of dance a lot over last few years particularly with massive female artists like Dana Rah, Nina Kraviz, Black Madonna, all blowing up global stages. On a more personal level as someone who’s actually involved in that, have you seen this at all? Do you think it’s different now for younger females wanting to get into the more “serious” dance genres?

On a gender basis question I always find it a bit tricky to answer, as I never like to put too much focus on males vs females…but of course its great to see how so many female artist are progressively doing well in the music scene as it was definitely, and still is a male dominated industry. I do believe though that regardless of gender it takes hard work, talent, support and dedication to reach the higher level and keep up there.

Some of the most universal and liberating experiences are on the dance floor, what’s it like to present something quite personal (a track) after having played it to yourself in the studio, and then playing it out? Was it surreal hearing your tracks out for the first time?

Oh its definitely one of the most rewarding experiences ever, to see how people react to something you put so much time and love into. It also helps you develop as a producer and see where you can improve, or what works better depending on the crowd or country your in.

Can we expect any hidden bangers at your upcoming shows/new music?

I have a new release and collaboration with Arjun Vagale coming out soon, that I’m exciting to test out and play in all of my sets. Its pretty exciting when you are touring and you can play a new track(s) in different cities, and see the various reactions

What are you most excited about when you come back to Aus for your shows?

Every time I come back and play, the response gets better and better, and the clubs, and underground scene keeps growing and growing! It’s pretty exciting!

What’s next for Juliet Fox? Travel, production, radio?

When I get back from my Australia Tour I am heading over to London to play, then at ADE. In November I will be touring back in the US including shows around Europe, plus I am currently working on a few new original tracks, and another collaboration this time with a female artist, which I have a really good feeling about the release, so I’m pretty excited to get this finished up.

Words by Rosie Rae





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