Five things we learnt at Volumes 2017

Another edition of Volumes Festival has come and gone. The event has left us feeling both happy inside as well as a little dusty. The festival took place on Oxford Street in Sydney with three venues hosting four different stages with a 50+ artists. Volumes has quickly turned itself into a major player on the Sydney live music calendar, and a well oiled machine at that. In true Purple Sneakers style, here are five things we picked up over the weekend.

Punctual people have more fun.

It may be considered fashionable to be late but if we are talking cliches then let’s not forget that it’s the early bird that catches the worm. This year Volumes kicked off shortly after 3pm and it did not take long for the event to kick into gear. To say Perth four piece Hideous Sun Demon warmed up the crowd seems like an understatement. They brought an unrestrained brand of psyche-rock (or self-proclaimed spy rock?) to OAF Gallery Bar. They are a impressive live band and we hope to catch them again over the summer season, as they well and truly set the tone for an awesome day to come.

Girls to the front.

A good lineup is a diverse lineup, and Volumes 2017 served up a bloody ace lineup. From the minute doors opened until the very wee hours there was some serious talent on show. Relative newcomer Hatchie has a natural grasp on pop music and a voice so dreamy it will melt your insides, while local duo Mezko continue to go from strength to strength with each performance. Their set oscillated between dance ready synth-pop into some darker riffs and right back again seamlessly, while techno angel Lucy Cliche wrapped things up in style at Brighton Up Bar. Her set was sprinkled with late night experimental sounds, but managed to remain approachable and undeniably fun. Killing it ladies.

Love is in the air.

Love is also on the electoral role. The legends at HEAPS GAY organised Sydney’s first (and *fingers crossed* last) ever Equality Weekender, which was developed to get the Australian youth enrolled and updated ahead of the Australian Marriage Law postal survey. Plastered across the walls of Oxford St one colourful yet clear message: enrol to vote. Seeing so many venues at Volumes and beyond join together this weekend was beyond heart warming. Love reacts only please.

Bands aren’t dead.

You may have that older relative that whines about how musicians don’t play instruments anymore – unlike the good old days -well f*** that guy. Volumes showcased bands in all different shapes and sizes and crossed a plethora of genres. It was really exciting to see how each act showcased themselves for a live audience. Take Party Dozen, whose set up includes Jonathan Boulet on drums with Kristy Tickle on saxophone, but true to their name, they have the energy of a dozen people. From SunscreenBody TypeGauci and more, bands really reigned supreme despite the great and vast diversity of sound. Even once-bedroom producer Jonti used his headline slot to debut of his brand spanking new live band. The new recruits added a guitars, even more synths and live drums to the Jonti show. The result was an all in dance party.

Sydney Is Open

The political climate in Sydney over recent years has made it notoriously difficult for live music venues to thrive. As mum says, nothing good in life comes easy, and Volumes along with Oxford Art FactoryCliff Dive and Brighton Up have proven once again that night life in the Sydney CBD is far from dead. Thanks for having us Volumes <3

Image: Four Minutes to Midnight Photography








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