Anna Of The North show beauty through desperation in new video for ‘Lovers’

Now, we all love a good back story; a tale of fate as to how two people not only crossed paths but became one, and we think that electro pop-duo ANNA OF THE NORTH takes the cake.

Their story begins five years ago, when Anna had accepted her fate of normality, a mediocre job and a guy she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. Working in a small shop in Oslo, a customer would repeatedly enter, always leaving without purchasing a single thing. One day she approached Anna, encouraging her to leave the life she currently lives behind and broaden her horizons, and lucky for all of us, that’s exactly what she did. Heading to Australia and leaving her heartbreak and past loves behind, she met her musical soulmate, Brady.

Both shadowed and torn by past relationships, Brady convinced her to transfer her emotions onto paper, both realising they could fuse their heartfelt artistry together, and in that moment, the duo was born.

Their luminescent compositions that float between youthful lyricism and mature electronic should hold a significant place in your heart. With sonic influences from Anna’s Norwegian heritage and Brady’s understanding of the Aussie/Kiwi electronic scene creates a match made in heaven. They’ve created something that is both foreign to its listeners, but also extremely warm and welcoming; take their latest single for example.

‘Lovers’ is a gentle ride of beautifully woven synths. Sounding a little 80’s inspired, the track becomes both enticing and alluring, kind of like a forbidden fruit. Your cravings overpower your conscience as the slow building keys and synths light up a path for Anna’s falsetto vocals to run wild.

‘Lovers’ demonstrates their understanding of fate, their music talents coinciding so perfectly you will want to personally track down that lady from Oslo and kiss her feet.

So from what we can decipher from the track so far is its perfect unity, but before unity, comes the collision; the essential explosion of heartbreak that everyone must face in order to move forward. The accompanying visuals express the pair’s understanding of this perfectly, with the duo saying, “On a literal level, the video is about being lost at a house party and surrounded by couples when your own relationship has fallen apart. Digging deeper, it’s set in the same place as the song, that point when you feel so alone and you’re reaching out but they’re not reaching back. It’s desperate.”

Through a sea of red and pink, bodies collide in unison. Lights flash, shadows dance and lovers become one. The visuals are stunningly raw and natural with contemporary dancers that move seamlessly across the room. There is nothing forced here, only a free-flowing embrace of emotions which is exactly why it complements the single perfectly and why you’re desire to kiss the person next to you just got a lot stronger.

This pure embrace of human emotion won’t stop here, as the duo are preparing to release their debut album to the world plus a much anticipated tour, which will include a performance Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival and two sideshows, so be sure to get your fix then. For now, it’s recommended you play ‘Lovers’ on repeat.


23 Aug 2017 – Hudson Ballroom
Sydney, NSW | Tix here

24 Aug 2017 – Northcote Social Club
Melbourne, VIC | Tix here

26 Aug 2017 – Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Festival
Maroochydore, QLD | Tix here






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