NYCK pulls on our heartstrings with ‘This Might Be My Year’ + EP launch show

There’s nothing quite like relating to a piece of music so significantly you feel it was written just for you; a relationship so strong you instantly feel the warmth of its embrace. NYCK’s latest effort ‘This Might Be My Year’ has created just this and it has us all here at Purple Sneakers feeling a little sentimental.

Nick Acquroff and Dominique Garrard have a pretty impressive list of accomplishments under their belt already. They’ve toured nationally with Amy Shark, supported Dope Lemon, Emma Louise, and Felix Reibl (Cat Empire) at major venues around Australia and this is all before we even comment on their artistry. The pair have constructed a beautifully written story that’s spread throughout their forthcoming EP Alive, and let us tell you; it’s one you’re going to want to hear.

Heartbreak becomes the fuel to the fire over the course of numerous tracks throughout the EP as commented by Acquroff, “After long enough, when the things you had as your foundations change or you feel a little lost, you get this sense of resolve, For me it was after this important conversation I had with someone really close. It cooled my anxiety because I knew we’d both be ok.”

And thankfully all stories have a resolution, a happy ending that leaves you feeling light as a feather which is delivered to you perfectly in ‘This Might Be My Year’. The track is the conclusion to the EP and it’s as gentle in nature as it is strikingly powerful. Its calm instrumentals and beautifully paced flow create a gateway that leads your emotions straight to your soul. The piano and light percussion deliver a warm welcome to not only the pair’s angelic vocals but to you also. A hug from Nana feels almost insignificant as their heavenly skill set of keyboard and vocals warm even the coldest parts of your winter morning.

To put it lightly, the track is a waterfall of emotions but if you think that nyck are done pulling on your heart strings then think again, as the track is accompanied by an effortlessly breathtaking video. The visuals complement the track perfectly, the simplicity being its’ main enticement. As the camera follows them in a circular motion, gently placed back and forth out of focus it becomes a representation of the raw emotion they disperse throughout their work. Their instrumental gifts are showcased in the most humble way and leave you with a weight off your shoulder.

It’s not so often a piece of music can make you feel so deep and make you think so hard but somehow they lift the bar of what we once thought a tear-jerking track can sound like. They’re combining melancholy with a somehow cheerful, illuminated foundation and its something that’s truly unique.

In celebration of this incredible track and their soon to be released EP, nyck will be performing an EP showcase in Melbourne on July 14th. So grab your tickets, take a peek at the video and get ready to sway amongst the crowd as their story of heartbreak and triumph unfolds.

Alive EP showcase
The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, Melbourne VIC (18+)
Tickets here






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