PREMIERE: Take a listen to ‘Golden’, the latest out-of-this world track from Intergalactix

The diverse sounds that a number of artists are inventing, tweaking and developing into their music as the electronic genre progresses, has not only become a privilege for listeners but is also something that we are now accustomed too. Inventiveness is an essential key to survival and praise within the music industry, which is why you’re gonna love the new track from INTERGALACTIX, ‘Golden’. The track takes you through a nostalgic time warp of disco, pop and a whole lot of bass funk that you’ve never experienced before.

Sydney-LA duo and long time friends Kristian Attard and Serg Dimitrijeyic can be described as knights in shining armour, the heroes of the electronic industry. They have been gracefully and benevolently working behind the scenes for over ten years on stacks of projects. They’ve worked with the likes of HEART, EARTH WIND & FIRE, KELIS, ARIANA GRANDE and Pras Michel from THE FUGEES to Aussie legends JIMMY BARNES and PNAU, even supporting ZEDD on his Jimmy Kimmel Live set. Yeah, huge is an understatement.

It’s safe to say that enormous amounts of success not only follow them but any artists that crosses their path, so it’s no wonder their latest tack ‘Golden’ is not only a testament to their talent but is a treasure chest of boisterous beats, foot-tapping funk and everything in between.

‘Golden’ is a follow up track to their previous single release ‘The Now’ and showcases a heck of a lot of electronic influences. Featuring VERDINE WHITE (from Earth Wind & Fire), the track begins with some subtly infused bass, layered underneath synth claps, before the chorus steps up the tempo and adds a lil’ pop with its 90’s synth instrumentals. There are a lot of different elements that can be pin pointed throughout the track and that’s the most exciting part of it all, it caters to everyone’s needs; if you like a boogie no matter what your musical preference, this track is for you.

If CUT COPY took the best bits of funk out of 70’s hits and infused stacks of smooth bass lines from the Seinfeld theme song, ‘Golden’ would be the beautifully conceived disco love child. It subsequently creates a bridge from a radio ready track to a d-floor anthem that holds influences throughout the decades. That’s where the inventiveness and diversity comes crashing in and something that this duo should be applauded for.

‘Golden’ is but a small taste of what’s to come for Intergalactix as the track is released in light of their latest EP 3:33. So in preparation for this momentous occasion, it’s recommended you take a listen, grab your disco shoes and bask in all their funk-filled glory.






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