FAILR captures pure happiness in his latest disco-inspired track, ‘Starving For You’ ft SWARÈ

They say good things come in small packages but in FAILR’s (Warwick Levy) case, EXTRAORDINARY things come in small packages, with the Sydney lad strategically pacing his releases handing out only a single track to his fans last year. But now, he has swiftly picked up the pace, releasing his second track for 2017, ‘Starving For You’ featuring debut vocals from Australian singer, SWARÈ.

‘Starving For You’ captures disco vibes, punchy base lines and everything in between making the prolonged release even more worth it and confirming good things DO come to those who wait! The track is a synth-driven sibling to earlier 2017 release, ‘Anxious Boy’ and, in comparing the two, you can easily identify Failr‘s musical direction; a chiller with a kick ass knack for free-flowing backbeats.

Levy initially developed the track as a playful piano sample that quickly turned to a disco driven boogie anthem with the help of Toby Chew (MOZA) who added extra zest with some funky bass lines; Pat Lewis’s (Swaré) vocals were quickly identified as the Yin to Levy’s Yang and BOOM! A banger was born.

Failr commented on the recording and how his creative process has developed not only his understanding of his own production but somehow also familiarises itself with his love for carb-filled Italian food. “This was probably the most fun I ever had working on a track. We challenged ourselves to work within timing limitations and the more constrictions we added the more creative I felt with it. I sort of feel like I created the music I wanted to make back in 2014, but finally had the skills to make. Like cooking lasagne. I couldn’t make lasagne back in the day but I watched a Youtube video and figured it out. But yeah I love this track. And lasagne.”

And just like lasagne, it’s addictive and jam-packed with layers, capturing hints of old school pop-classics with sample-infused instrumentals. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving, the repetitive claps glide over Swaré’s silky vocals before the tempo is amped up a few extra levels as the chorus hits. And just as you think you’ve unwrapped the last layer, percussion ignites the slight piano-guitar love affair that you can hear gliding in the background placing his emotive production on show for the world to see.

This is one producer we know you wont be hearing the last of. Chuck on your headphones and shed your weekday blues to the tracks uplifting, disco-inspired flare.






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