Get to know Melty with his heaving new guest mix

Currently on a prolific releasing spree with five tracks under his belt for 2017, futuristic producer MELTY is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. His latest track, ‘Ceremony,’ was arguably one of his best releases yet, and with even more tipped to be on the way, we’re 100% on the Melty train right now.

Drawing inspiration from a myriad genres and sounds including grime, vogue, house, club and more recently trance and donk, Melty mixes a multitude of sounds together which his signature dark take to tie it all into his own works. Carving out a space of his own with a sound so tight it can hold its own against the heroes of the scene that would be inspiring him, we thought it was about time we got Melty on board for a guest mix on our radio show on FBi Radio.

Normally, the artists who deliver guest mixes for our show provide a tracklist containing just the artist names and track names of what they’ve used in their mix. Melty, however, went one step further and delivered an annotated tracklist to accompany this mix. On the tracks he used for this mix, Melty said, “I’m really happy with this mix, all tracks I really like and that influence me.” Check it out below and keep up to date with Melty on Facebook and Soundcloud!

ytcracker – Hacker Music (Nightcore)

ytcracker was my favorite rapper growing up which is funny to think about. He’s a legit hacker who raps about all this like computer crime and all the money he has from being a hacker and spamming and stuff. Anyway, this is a sped up nightcore version. Also the vocal I added to the start is from an old Transformers cartoon.


Found this track on a compilation by Paris label CASUAL GABBERZ that my friend Holly showed me. Shout out to Holly/♀ venus ♀, That compilation is amazing. [Editor note: Read Holly’s writing for Purple Sneakers here].

Soph Aspin – Know My Name (MELTY Bootleg)

omg so I’m a big fan of the Blackpool Grime scene. I know that its like a meme or whatever but I’m legit so into it. I’ve got another Blackpool artist later in this mix. If you don’t know about the whole scene just look up BGmedia on youtube, there’s a documentary on it too on youtube which gives some good background. Anyway, Sophie Aspin is one of the big BGmedia artists and she came out with a proper track recently and it is amazing and I just had to remix it.

Unknown Artist – Ghetto Blaster (Donk Remix)

Big Donk and Russian hardbass fan right here. This track is one of those tracks you can only find on youtube and doesn’t have proper artist information or anything which is pretty common in the whole donk/hardbass/nightcore scene. But this track right here is honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard, the low bit rate to me only adds to the whole thing. If anyone know anything more about the original or who remixed this please hmu.

Donatachi – A/S/L (Sortagoth Remix)

AHHHHH! Two gr8 people and friends on this track. I’m a HUGE Sortagoth fan, her set at the Purple Sneakers B-Day party was amazing and like exactly what music I wanna hear when I go out. FAST MUSIC. I love fast music.

MELTY – Ceremony

ME! I’m gr8. All the tracks in this mix were very much influences in making this track. Witch House was also a huge influence like Salem, White Ring, GLASS TEETH, † BLΔCK WRIST † and Sidewalks and Skeletons. I couldn’t really fit any Witch House tracks into this mix but I always think about Witch house in two ways, Electronic shoegaze or chopped and screwed trance/happy hardcore. Shoegaze and happy hardcore both things I’m really into so Witch House is naturally one of my favourite genres. Anyone I’m very proud of this track, I dunno what I’ve been rambling about but hope u like it too.

Afghan Dan – Wi-Fi Thief (Nightcore)

More BGMEDIA! Afghan Dan is probably one of the best in the scene. Lately I’ve noticed on twitter he was writing about feeling bad about being a bad influence on kids and then he came out with this track about not hurting anyone and just stealing wifi. Pretty funny. He’s a good guy. Nightcore version of this one too.

French Fries – Bug Noticed

This track has always been a staple in my DJ sets, incredible track. I think my friend Tommy Groves gave it to me years ago on a usb. He’s a gr8 guy and friend and DJ in Melbs. Anyway, I really love this track. The synth in it is crazy, I’d love to know how it was done. This is sped up so much tho from 128 to 160 hahahahahahahaha hah aa hha

MC BOING – Dance Floor

OMG THIS SONG IS AMAZING! So I’ve always appreciated PC Music and stuff but I never was SUPER into it, but one day I was just scrolling thru the PC Music Soundcloud ’cause they were doing like a new song every day or something for a month and I heard this track and fell off my bed thru the floor. They made a donk track but like a crazy, amazing, really fast and funny one. This track is insane and I wish I made it.

MELTY – Everybody Just Wants To Be Evil (Unreleased Demo)

Track I’m working on. It’s really fast and crazy. I’m really into stuff like cults and cult leaders, cyber crime, hackers, scammers and scams and anything like that and this track is influenced by stuff like that. ‘Ceremony’ is definitely influenced by that, I’m starting a religion soon and ‘Ceremony’ is like an religious song for it. The religion is called ‘The Oracles of the Seven Portals’.

Third Heaven – Rhythm Heaven (Unreleased) 

Me and my girlfriend have been making music together for a few months now and have started putting it out as Third Heaven. She does 80% – 90% of the work hahah but it’s def a collab effort of concepts and ideas. She’s an amazing producer and she actually did the mixing and mastering for ‘Ceremony’. But yeah we finished up this track just so I could put it in this mix. It’s about playing claw machines at Techno City if you know where that is, at Capitol Square on George Street in Sydney, has all these Japanese claw machine things. We def have a problem and spend lots of money there omg. but yeah check out Third Heaven.

The Blackout Crew – Here Together

You know what you want to do with that one. You wanna put a BANGIN’ DONK ON IT! I love this track the melody and the vocal is just so over the top and happy, I like ending sets with this gets everyone so excited hahaha

Words by Emma Jones





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