Elliot Moss gives us a track-by-track breakdown of his new EP, ‘Boomerang’

ELLIOT MOSS, a producer, songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and more from NYC creates really special music. It’s special in the way that it demands your attention in its meticulous nature, giving you a feeling that you’re being let in on a secret that only Moss and you know.

Vulnerable, almost private and provocative, Moss put everything on display for his latest release, an 8-track EP titled Boomerang. Filled with previous singles ‘Closedloop’ and the devastating ‘Without The Lights’ which deals with a close look at domestic violence, the EP is not only an exercise in flexing his impeccable production skills, but also an exercise in challenging himself and musical norms to create something utterly fascinating.

To get to know him a little better, we got the man himself to deliver a track-by-track breakdown of Boomerang. Check it all out below!


This tune sort of sets the tone for the record… also, it employs one of the main production motifs that is carried throughout: constant duality… clean and dirty, hot and cold, dark and light. In ‘Closedloop’, a trashy drum groove sits next to this sterile synth that sounds like raw voltage… like sticking a fork in the wall. Almost like reality and fantasy are battling it out. A wave of electricity breaks the calm feel of the tune, a sort of jarring event that is meant to feel like a arduous, unexpected experience. Something we weren’t prepared for. For that reason, I wanted the melody to be hard to follow in this section.

Without the Lights

This one went through so many changes and revisions. I have never worked this hard mixing a song… something about the way it came together fought me the whole way. So it’s even more rewarding now. ‘Without the Lights’ talks about how a single event can affect how everything else in our lives feels to us.


’99’ was one of those songs that materializes so quickly that your mind sort of purges the writing process. It felt like a singular stretch that started when that opening line popped into my head.

The song is about facing hard truths, particularly ones that have a lot hinging on them. When I wrote it, I was running into something that I wanted to disregard, or rationalize in a way that made it tolerable somehow. I made the music reflect that tight, brittle sensation that winds up in your chest when something uncertain is bounding at you.


This one started with a clunky piano. I wrote it in about an hour (minus the string arrangement.) The record sort of enters a new stage with ‘Boomerang’… looking back and assessing our troubles, instead of living inside them.

My Statue Sinking

An interlude that echoes lyrics from ‘Closedloop’. As the music builds, I picture somebody paddling up toward the glistening surface from a great depth.

Dolly Zoom

Dolly Zoom focuses on little details… most of the lyrics came from staring, or zoning-out for a very long time. The sounds and feelings of life come flooding back, along with the truths that sent us away. It’s got a sort of disjointed pace that takes weird turns as the rhythm and routines of life start up again. Much like Closedloop’s video, it only focuses on bits of the world at a time.

Falling Down and Getting Hurt

One of my favorite tunes to play live. It gets big! The title would give you the wrong idea, but this tune is a cheerful one. It’s mostly about moving past and rising above experiences that hurt us. Finding strength in oneself — resolving to be okay.

Boomerang is out now via POD/Inertia Music

Intro by Emma Jones





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