Listen to Vera’s smokey new single “In And Out Of Love”

Danish producer Vera has released a seductive new pop single “In And Out of Love”.

Warped synths and an insanely catchy saxophone hook provide a backdrop for smooth feminine vocals crooning “In and out of love.”  Vera is tight lipped on the who the vocalist is, revealing only that it was an “anonymous friend”.

There’s a very specific inspiration on this one, Vera explained. “I had just watched a television series about a taxi company based in Copenhagen in the late ’90s featuring these lovely, hard-working taxi drivers driving a bunch of posh yuppie people to the trendy, decadent bistro cafes. I imagined that this was the music that they listened to when they were sitting in those cafes, drinking their cappuccinos and sipping on rosé.”

Off the back of a long tour with Liss, Vera returned to his studio Copenhagen full of ideas for a solo project. “In and out of love” was the first to come to fruition and also marks the first original, solo release of the project.

Although fresh faced as a solo act, you might have heard Vera’s work before as the producer for Danish psych-pop groups Liss and Off Bloom. You may also have come across his his remix of ‘s Kamikaze which was premiered during his boiler room set last year.

Words by Sonny Thomas