Heart People’s ‘Voices’ gets the Andrew Weatherall treatment in new remix

HEART PEOPLE are a Sydney duo comprised of Ryan Grieve and Rachel Rutt, and together they make forward-thinking, creative and invigorating electronic music. Having captured the hearts (pun intended) of fans around Sydney, the pair are now shifting their sights beyond their hometown with a special new remix of their latest single.

Now, this isn’t just any remix. This isn’t your standard, “Got my mate to shake things up a little,” remix. This is an up-and-coming Sydney duo gets remixed by one of electronic music’s legends type of remix, as ANDREW WEATHERALL works his magic on Heart People‘s ‘Voices’. What was already a captivating track has been doubled down, broken up, rebuilt and spread out by the man himself, and we can’t get enough.

Feeling almost intergalatic, the piercing vocals from Rutt are initially paired with soaring atmospherics before the classic beat comes into play. Immediately taking hold, the track develops into an all out, four-to-the-floor banger. Crisp beats, nostalgic synths and spliced vocal grabs all meld together while the original vocals breathe and wind across the top. The emotional, pleading nature of Rutt’s singing is amplified by the darker tones of Weatherall‘s rework, taking it to new heights.

Heart People said of the remix, “Andrew Weatherall needs no introduction, it just seemed right to ask him as we felt he’d understand where we were coming from with the songs and the overall feeling of it. And he did! We’re honoured to have his take on ‘Voices’ and be a part of the project.”

With their debut EP, Homecoming, out later this month via Hole In The Sky Records, and alongside this six-track release will come a special remix of each track. Other remixers, along with Weatherall, include Tolouse Low TraxLeo JamesMR TC and Paul Jextra. If this remix is anything at all to go by, we are really in for a treat. You can listen for yourself HERE, and nab a copy for yourself – it’s up for free download!

Pre-order Homecoming here.

Image: Natalia Parsonson

Words by Emma Jones





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