PREMIERE: ‘Take Me’ to a place where James Dexter is always playing

If someone tells you that garage music is coming back, tell them to stop talking trollop because really, it never left. It’s just been changed a bit. You’ve heard it in tracks that Husky, Duke Dumont and Bicep have all churned out, now JAMES DEXTER has got his own take on garage music that will just blow you away.

James Dexter is a producer from the UK, so when it comes to garage and house music, he knows his stuff! The genre basically exploded in his home country so he knows how they can be transformed into something completely fresh and new with just a few subtle tweaks. His new EP Drift is chock full of his little tweaks and there are so many good tracks to get lost in, but one seems to stand out from the rest because of it’s brilliant groove and perfect representation of its creator.

As soon as ‘Take Me’ starts, you’re transported into a vibrant place where colour is bursting from the walls. Pure house synths lead you into a subtle disco arena, where a melody of both genres seems to emerge. The beat is heavy and pounds through the melody until a soft voice suddenly sings “take me” and lifts the track up to an almost ethereal level.

‘Take Me’ is one of many brilliant tracks on the Drift EP which will be released on April 21. Listen to this track and let it take you to a whole new realm of house and garage music if you know what’s good for you.

Words by Lauren Payne






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