PREMIERE: Various Asses puts everyone on notice with her new video for ‘Down, Down’

You know when you click on a clip and it comes up with a warning for seizures, you’re not dealing with your average video. In fact, in this case, you’re not even dealing with your average producer. Meet VARIOUS ASSES, aka Raquel Solier, a Melbourne producer and artist that does things her own damn way – and there is not a damn thing average about her.

Compelling and formidable at the same time, Various Asses creates intoxicating and textured electronic music that makes you want to throw down and let loose. It’s harsh and aggressive, but sounds so good you don’t mind, and we are so excited to be premiering her latest release in the form of a video for her single, ‘Down, Down’.

Kind of taking the piss out of generic rap videos, Various Asses and her crew are shot in a classic Aussie suburban park. Driving around in the back of a ute, dancing on top of said ute, smoking, drinking and playing it up for the camera, the crew somehow make the track sound even more badass than it already dead. With hypnotic and echoing loops, huge drops and unpredictable beats, ‘Down, Down’ is a wild ride.

Solier said of the clip, “This video is an indulgent connection to my childhood – shot in the neighborhood where I grew up in Brunswick West and played basketball with my cousins,  every element has an authentic representation of my upbringing. My Nanny (grandmother) would take us to shoot hoops at that park and promised us 50 cents for every ball we got in (she owes me $4.50) and years later my Poppy (grandfather) and I would ride around those storm drains on bikes until he was well into his late 80s. I ate the Filipino food cooked by my fam every day on those plates and glasses in the picture, rocked up to school stinking of vinegar and garlic no doubt but throughout all the teenage trauma years always felt comfortable, supported and loved by my family. Shooting this clip and being surrounded by my talented and gorgeous friends and family allowed me to feel that way again and share that comfort, history, connection and hope with everyone involved.”

Various Asses has put every producer in the country on notice, and is about to start giving everyone a run for their money. Underrated, but showing major potential, we’re 100% on the Various Asses train – get on board before there’s no seats left.

Catch Various Asses perform alongside Nina Bunchanan, Corin, Truth N Dare (Geryon + June from Two Steps on The Water) and Habits DJs this weekend at The Tote in Melbourne. More info here.

Words by Emma Jones.



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