PREMIERE: Phondupe returns with enthralling video for ‘Street Volcano’

PHONDUPE is a name you are probably familiar with by now. The production duo (aka Rich Lucano and Nathan Chan) are split between Sydney and London, and have been grinding away over the past twelve months, working on and gradually releasing a series of music and visuals titled The Ecstasy Of. Now, this series has come to an end with the final instalment in the form of a video for ‘Street Volcano’.

Sounding like a combination of DARKSIDESEEKAE and TUNEYARDSPhondupe offer up meticulous, intricate, tinkering production with breathy vocals. Unpredictable but entirely enthralling, the duo inject emotion into their sounds in ways that are not often heard, and seek to play on something deep inside you – your nostalgia.

The video, much like ‘Stand By Me’ before it, explores childhood nostalgia through a warped kaleidoscope, much like the sounds we hear in the song. Matching perfectly together, it sucks you in long before you’ve realised, transporting you on a bizarre journey alongside the kids in the clip. Mysterious, eerie and captivating, this video goes above and beyond to deliver an exciting visual element to the song.

Teaming up with filmmakers BROSIS and ongoing visual collaborator Robby BennettPhondupe‘s Rich Lucano said of the collaborative effort, “This is the first time we’ve created a video and track at the same time, almost born from the same nucleus. I shot Alexander Leeway of Brosis an early demo of Street Volcano almost 2 years ago and both the music and visuals have evolved over that time. Street Volcano plays with childhood dreams of adventure and the decomposition of youthful innocence.  Artist Robby Bennett has made his mark on every visual component of our series “The Ecstasy Of” – from the cover art to the live visuals. So we brought him in to transport us back to the warped, glitchy world that lives in his mind and close out the project with one final bow.”

Sydney fans can catch Phondupe live in action tomorrow night as they support Icelandic duo KIASMOS at Oxford Arts Factory. For more details, head here.

Words by Emma Jones




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