Our top five lady-led, feminist radio and podcast features

In the multimedia and online worlds, it’s so easy to get lost in the ever-expansive chasm of content and comments. Similar to the way the universe is, the limits of the internet are endless, but even more importantly, are more transformative and more ever-expanding than ever.

International Women’s Day is a way to celebrate the spaces, projects, sounds and everything in between that women have worked so hard to cultivate. We’re taking a step back from the music for a moment to put the spotlight on some of our best local, national and international media outlets that are putting ladies on the airwaves and doing some great things.

Through the broadcast and podcast mediums, an entirely new mode of listening and critical thinking is engaged with the audience, which is why we believe these five shows and features are some of the best.

Smart Girl Club Podcast with Princess Nokia
More than just a podcast, Destiny Farueqi AKA Princess Nokia and Milah Libin created Smart Girl Club back in 2013. As an urban feminist collective, the group aims to empower women of all sizes, shapes, colours, sexualities and orientations. The group focuses on collaboration and celebrating the works and ideas of women.

The podcast is a way for Smart Girl Club to get real about the important issues and it also serves as a space to educate, empower and evoke critical thinking. For me, listening to this podcast was life changing. It forced me to think in terms of intersectionality and be critical of my own beliefs and understandings. It’s definitely a no-bullshit guide to urban feminism.

Agenda on FBi Radio
Saturday, 10.30-11am FBi 94.5
With less of a focus on music specifically and more of a focus on feminism in pop culture and the mainstream, Agenda is a short but sweet weekend segment on FBi Radio. Focusing on specifically the arts, politics and news through a feminist lens, Katie Winten and producer Isabelle Hore-Thorburn go deep into the abyss of gender at the Oscars, fast fashion and feminism, queer screen and more.

Pink Noise
Pink Noise is a fortnightly music segment that is dedicated to delivering electronic sounds from female and NGC artists, DJs and producers. Featuring past guests such as Katia, Tashka, Annie Bass, flowerboy and more, it’s an epic display of various genres, identities and abilities.

What’s even better is that all of their eps are up on Mixcloud, so you can binge listen to them as you feel like.

The show is presented and produced by Marisa Marsionis, Jen Finnley and Mari Stuart. They want this to act as a platform for local women to showcase their sounds, as well as bringing to the front artists, events and organisations that have been overlooked.

Citing the term #GoodMuslimBadMuslim as a response to both their communities views and the world’s views of them as practicing muslims, Tanzila Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh are documenting their way through life in a post-911, islamophobic world.

The way they see it, as Muslim American women, they’re walking a fine line between what it means to be good and bad. They ask themselves questions like ‘What does it mean to be a good Muslim when we are also American women receiving mixed signals from all angles?

Creating their own narrative through satire, humour and fact, Tanzila and Zahra are daring to go where no woman has gone before. And that’s special.

Reversal Of The Muse with Laura Marling
Taking on and exploring femininity in the creative industries, Laura Marling does deep into the minds of herself and other creatives including Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and HAIM.

Although the podcast has officially wrapped up, it still serves its purpose as an explorative and deeply engaging piece of media. Getting to female know musicians, sound engineers, and other creatives involved in the industry, Laura Marling has certainly created a memorable and insightful media outlet that will remain relevant for years to come.






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