Herzeloyde presents his favourite eye-opening tracks of the moment

Over the last few months, Trench Records has really been making its mark on Australia’s music scene. With Moonbase at the helm, the label has been building its already epic line-up of artists and the newest member, Herzeloyde, is definitely someone you should be watching out for.

The producer has just released his new EP 4D and it’s the perfect introduction to this guy’s enticing catalogue of music. Each melody is expertly crafted with tight samples and rich synths that carry an air about them that feels both unique but somehow, completely familiar. His music feels comfortable whilst also completely stretching you out of your comfort zone.

So we can get to know this musical maestro a little bit more, he gathered together some of his favourite tracks right now to give us an idea about what tracks he listens to when he turns up the vibes.

Persian Empire ‘Bird Up’

“God damn the smooth, classy and addictive aesthetic you get with Persian Empire never gets old. I could listen to this track on loop. It displays comfort in the groove through its execution. is the first voice sample saying ‘truth’?”

Hapa ‘Shkuurrrp’

“Hapa is simply a god and every upload confirms this fact. His tracks ruin me.”

Philippe Edison ‘Cosmosis (Interlude)’

“He is that guy you go to for some Robert Glasper vibes without actually listening to Robert Glasper. This interlude chord progression gets at me. Respect to Philippe.”

Clin ‘Wella’

“Been watching this Clin guy for a while now but was surprised and excited by the drop of his latest upload ‘Wella'”

Tennyson x Mr. Carmack ‘Tuesday’

“Out of the Tennyson and Carmack collabs I was surprised that ‘Tuesday’ was the only one that reached my extremely high expectations for a vibe overload.”

Cousin Litt ‘Koenma’

“Cousin is pretty much the best SoundCloud artist at the moment IMO. I get pretty angry every time I listen to this shit. How is such deep swag achieved?”

Tsuruda ‘It’s Like’

“The introduction of this tune is so hard to read. It gives nothing away as to how the drop will drop (classic Tsuruda). On top of that, the first bar of the drop is misleading af. In love with this tune.”

Mo Vibez ‘Body and Soul’

“Wow, Mo came through with the goods on this. Hits a vibey jam and then flips into a stupidly hard drop still very much within his own unique aesthetic.”

Promnite ‘Holiday’ ft. Tsuruda

“A pretty unexpected collab from my end but none the less, it has strength in it. I can vibe to this one and I appreciate its creation.”

Hapa ‘Curry’ ft. Cousin Litt

“I’ll listen to this endlessly trying to understand how such specific rhythmic placement is conceived. Also, how do these guys have such a taste for this aesthetic? I can’t cope with the dopeness of the flow.”

Photo: Aaron Static Danks

Words by Lauren Payne






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