WENS stuns in new single ‘Bleed’

WENS has just come out with her latest track ‘Bleed’, a cross of electronic and RnB that uses a mix of rich production and sweet vocals.

The production of ‘Bleed’ has layer upon layer of detailed sounds, alternating between softer, more atmospheric production during buildups before truly erupting into more intricate, loud sections during the chorus.

The smooth synths and ambient sounds at the beginning complement WENS’ vocals just as well as the loud, rough synths in the chorus. The dynamic contrast between the two sections is great, pulling you in and not letting go.

The vocal performance by WENS bring this track together with a dynamic style that changes from soft spoken to powerful when it needs to. The vocal effects and layering add more texture to the track while the lyrics and vocal delivery is catchy, and brings the track to a whole other level.

WENS has done a phenomenal job creating ‘Bleed’. The mix of her catchy vocals along with the lush production makes for an amazing tune, and we hope that she keeps up the good work and puts out more soon.

Words by Aiden Benavides



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