PREMIERE: Mikey Hunj teams up with Steena for another banger in ‘Belly Up’

MIKEY HUNJ is one of those guys that is just good at everything. Not only is he a gifted producer, and delivers some absolutely hectic live shows, he’s also now teaming up with Australia’s prince of hip-hop, Allday, for a collaborative EP and clothing collective in case he needed anything else to add to his resume. Titled Aurora Gang, the EP is sounding mighty good from what we’ve heard so far, and now we have the first listen to the second track off it, ‘Belly Up’. Trust us when we say this, Aurora Gang is one record you need in your life judging from this.

Teaming up with STEENA for vocals, Mikey Hunj levels up in this track. No longer fighting for room in the overflowing ranks of bedroom level producers, Mikey Hunj has elevated himself out of that league into a space entirely his own. Experimental, refined, intricate and wholly impressive, this track is big in all the right ways. Showing off his vastly improving production skills, he works with restraint to only give you what you need to have you thirsty for more. Within seconds, you’re hooked on this tinkering beat and Steena‘s soulful voice, and Hunj knows it.

He’s been tipped to create a cult following in Melbourne up until now, but this track has us thinking global. Pushing himself, Hunj has created a track that stands on its own, and has really blown us away here. His beats are created with a finesse that only comes from hard work and ambition, and we think it’s about time he started to see some rewards for his hustle. Keep your eyes peeled for more Aurora Gang, because by the sound of this, we’re in for something really special.

Words by Emma Jones





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