Hi-Tec Emotions list their top ten local legends ahead of Drive Live 2017


HI-TEC EMOTIONS’ describe themselves as ‘glow wave’, but to anyone not up to date with the lingo, it translates to new wave – or in the clearest terms ‘fast-paced female-led modern punk’. With the release of their debut album, Hard To Handle, Hi-Tec Emotions have set themselves up as one colourful force to keep an eye on, with each song exploring the absolute range of their talents – moving from heavy-guitar led tracks to synth ballads, all topped off with the absolutely stunning voice of the lead vocalist, Ema Dunstan. They are a multi-talented band that have already kicked off the year with a series of gigs all over Melbourne and it is easy to see they’ve got the sights on the big time.

Hi-Tec Emotions will be one of the bands taking part in the PBS 106.7FM Drive Live 2017, a week long party celebrating local music through a series of live music events that will take over the radio station. Over 5 nights, 3 bands each day will play live and be sent out over the airwaves to eager ears. But that’s not just it, if you are lucky enough to be in Melbourne you can even sign up to see them live in studio. Acts confirmed for the week-long performances include: The Peep Tempel, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, Laura Jean, Miss Destiny, Corin, The Dacios, Hi-Tec Emotions, The Pink Tiles, Karli White, Amyl & The Sniffers, Orb, No Sister, RVG, Gabriella Cohen and Shrimpwitch.

In the build up for the massive event that will be Drive Live 2017Jess Lakatosh and Mackenzie Randall from Hi-Tec Emotions put together a list of their absolute favourite Aussie tracks right now.

Heat Wave- Dead End Town

“Kalindy and Kurt from Heat Wave are the nicest people who make the funnest music. Dead End Town pulls you in with a catchy bassline that crumples into extreme distortion during the chorus, the synth feels like The B52s, but bleak, and the beats ensure this ode to hopelessness is a dance hit.” – JL

Orion- Turbulence 

“Ema told me to listen to Orion and she is right on to it because this song is off their self-titled album released just a couple of days ago. It’s so luscious, I’m going to keep listening on repeat.” – JL

Spike Fuck- Tomorrow We Get Healthy

“You might notice a distinct 80s pop tinge throughout our list, and no one does it better than Spike. What’s more, her live performances are always utterly enthralling.” –JL

No Sister – This Heat

“This Heat is from No Sister’s eponymous album.  Sian Davies’ steady bass runs core to the track, with Mino Pericand Tiarney Miekus guitars calling back and forth in their off kilter way.  This Heat keeps my ears glued to the speakers as the whole band seamlessly lock together in the middle eight for a brief climax, before falling back on Davies’ bass line.” – MR

Chelsea Bleach – Public Safety

“Public Safety was Chelsea Bleach’s first release. Its disjointed pop form has always interested me and it quickly cemented itself on regular rotation. The song deals with the challenge of finding safe spaces when heading to a gig. Chelsea Bleach not only highlights this in their music, but also translates it to their live shows – making them a true advocate of this message. “–MR

Whitney Houston’s Crypt- Witches Cyst 

“WHC are a palate cleanser. It’s like they invented music in a parallel universe. Noodly whacky guitars, blood curdling vocals, ecstatic drums and throbbing bouncy bass. This lot are absolutely formidable and I can’t get enough. Keep an eye out for their next visit down from Newcastle. And watch this space for new music.” – JL

Biscotti – Instamatic

“I was drawn to Biscotti when I first saw them at Paradise Festival 2016. Carla Ori and her band mix sounds from multiple genres making music that’s both playful and accessible. Like the biscuit itself they’re sweet, snappy and an after dinner treat.” – MR

Is There a Hotline – Winds

“Is There a Hotline are a spacey improv duo who create soundscapes which transport you to another dimension. See them live to try and work out how the two Jens manipulate their surroundings to summon this magical journey. Go to Vacant Valley to purchase their live cassette.” – JL

Crystal Myth- Moonstone 

“Synth masters Crystal Myth create a delicately layered yet sparse track that feels like you’re listening to longing and heartbreak in the clouds. Their synth, vocals, bass lines and occasional sax solos blow me away.” – JL

Shiny Coin- So Great

“A cheeky and unrelenting crunchy pop song that’s totally uplifting, like everything Shiny Coin does. Dare you not to dance/find yourself singing their harmonies on public transport.” – JL

PBS 106.7FM Drive Live 2017 is set to be one massive week long celebration of local music and there are multiple ways of getting involved, tune into 106.7 FM from Monday the 6th of Feb from 5pm or if you are in Melbourne, sign-up to see all the acts live by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line: NIGHT (Monday, Tuesday etc) YOUR NAME, and MEMBER NUMBER (if applicable).

Drive Live 2017:
Monday, Feb 6 – Zen Arcad
Karli White
No Sister

Tuesday, Feb 7 – Mixing Up The Medicine
Miss Destiny

Wednesday, Feb 8 – The Afterglow
Cash Savage & The Last Drinks
Gabriella Cohen
Hi-Tec Emotions

Thursday, Feb 9 – Fang It!
The Peep Tempel
The Dacios
Amyl and the Sniffers

Friday, Feb 10 – Stone Love
The Pink Tiles
Laura Jean

Drive Live is proudly presented by PBS 106.7FM with the support of Creative Victoria, APRA AMCOS and Mountain Goat.

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