Yvng Jalapeño drops a banger with spicy new release, ‘Kai’

Yvng Jalapeno

In the post-FLUME era, you’d be forgiven for thinking that many beatmakers have been working from the same cookie-cutter ideas box of production;  That is, upbeat vibes, preset drums and sun drenched summer synths. However, the Australian electronic music scene is positively overflowing with talent right now and you never know when you’re going to be hit with a musical curveball so sharp, it comes out of nowhere and barrels you over the boundary for six. YVNG JALAPENO’s latest release, ‘Kai’, is that curveball.

Whilst still relatively unknown, 2016 proved to be a solid year for the young producer, with a string of releases including ‘Max’, which received triple j airplay, and ‘In Control’, a pop banger deemed worthy of remixing by none other than Melbourne heavyweight WILL SPARKS. However, with his first release of 2017, Yvng Jalapeno has crossed continents to bring together a heavenly harmony of Bollywood bounce and banging bass. In the process, he has created something truly unique.

As the song opens, distant chanting can be heard over the sounds of dripping water and spiritual atmospherics, immersing the listener firmly within the mystique of the orient. Although the trap-style build that follows does feel very stock standard for the genre, the subsequent drop pays for itself a thousand times over; exotic instruments explode into life over hard hitting bass and a series of percussive elements of which I am at a loss for words to describe.

Having hit on a winning formula, Yvng Jalapeno proceeds to roll in three more drops, each hitting heavier than the last. With production chops such as these, expecting to be hearing a lot more of this beatmaker in years to come.


Words by Dan Hill 





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