‘Other Issues’ is the newest hypnotising single from The Nights

If you’ve been on the hunt for some top-drawer mellow electronica, then look no further – Sydney three-piece THE NIGHTS have got you covered. ‘Other Issues’ is their newest single, and it’s the first official taste of their forthcoming sophomore EP, due to drop in March. It’s a long, drawn-out build, starting out with lush ambience before spacey synths, vocal stabs, swirling arpeggiators and some down-tempo house percussion push things in a dancier direction.

The Nights are Tom Marland, formerly of PANAMA, VIVID Live’s Rob Campbell, and producer/percussionist Walter Flamenco. After meeting at an Ableton school a few years back, they put together their debut release back in 2013. Across the trio there’s buckets of experience in a live context, from festival stages to sound design at events like VIVID Live, and that translates into a live show that’s not to be missed.

‘Other Issues’ is on the longer side at five and a half minutes, but listening through is a lesson in crafting a hypnotising soundscape of synths and percussion. Soothing enough to fall asleep to, but packing enough of a punch to be right at home in a club, The Nights have put together one helluva tune.

Words by Ted Dwyer





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