Let Swelter enhance your senses with his ‘In The Night Hours’ EP

If there’s one word that we would use to describe the electronic music coming out of Brisbane at the moment, it would be organic. Why? Because with every new producer that emerges out of the sunshine state’s capital, they bring atmospheric sounds that are reminiscent of a tropical rainforest or a humid summer night. They create music that highlights their surroundings and SWELTER has basically got this talent down pat.

You may not have heard the name Swelter just yet, but that’s because he’s very fresh to the electronic scene. Now when I say fresh, I don’t mean it in the sense that he’s been flying under the radar for a while, I mean totally fresh. Like newborn baby fresh.

Swelter has just released his first EP called In The Night Hours and it’s the best kind of house for just easing you into the cooler evenings.

The EP’s first track ‘Rituals’ is kind of eerie, with airy vocals floating up against a hard beat and some very unique twings and twangs peppered across the melody, it feels almost delicate whilst also being sinister. ‘Jazz Smoke’ is very different to its predecessor. The name kind of gives away the song’s influence, as you can hear the jazz notes within the melody, but they’re still quite subtle and with light tropical drums breaking things up, ‘Jazz Smoke’ kind of feels like a walk in a forest at sunset, beautiful and so enchanting.

The third track on In The Night Hours is called ‘Don’t Go Out Alone’. Now, this is another airy track and has the same aggressive undertones as ‘Rituals’, but it feels more literal here than in the first track, where its darker tones felt a little more angelic. Here, it’s like you’re surrounded by shadows rather than a colourful mist. The song feels a lot more like light house than the tracks we’ve heard so far and although it feels a little daunting, you still become engulfed in each note. It’s comforting in the most unusual way.

The EP ends on a high with ‘Dawn’, the track that will most definitely put Swelter on the musical map. This wonderful piece of music features the vocals of Alianah, who brings a little bit of disco into the mix. She breathes a brand new energy into the light melody and this pairing just feels comfortable, like it was meant to take place.

As a whole, In The Night Hours is a great introduction to Swelter’s work. It’s smooth, flows freely and creates an atmosphere as soon as each song starts. Swelter, remember the name, because you’ll be hearing it quite a bit in the near future.

Words by Lauren Payne






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