PHEBE STARR confronts sexism with stellar single ‘They Keep Telling Me’


Small town Aussie girl, turned LA cool girl, PHEBE STARR returns with another stellar single, ‘They Keep Telling Me.’ Much like her music, Starr is open, honest and enchanting. Her personal style, production and approach to music is a breath of fresh air in the LA smog.

Phebe Starr is a self-taught talent, having grown up with little musical background or influence. Though that would never deter Starr, who already had stars in her eyes. “Growing up everyone tried to tell me how impractical and idealistic I was,” says Starr. It’s safe to say she’s killing it now, having been included in the fashion bible, Vogue, as well as being named as one of Glamour Magazine‘s “14 Badass women of SXSW.”

On this track, the 80s dream pop synths draw listeners in, but it’s Phebe Starr‘s warm alto vocal and hypnotic bassline that really grab you. Aside from being an upbeat tune, the themes of the track really resonate with anyone who’s overcome adversity. I get serious YEAH YEAH YEAHS vocal meets GALVATRONS instrumental, combining to create an electro pop dream. If you feel like you’re constantly behind the 8 ball, or you’re just having a rough day, this is the feel good banger you definitely need. A fun little reminder to keep pushing, and follow your instincts even despite the odds.

Phebe Starr has definitely come into her own with her distinct electro-pop style, building her vocal layering around warm synths and pulsating baselines. Having written this song in the wake of “the worst co-write I’ve had in my life,” she used the experience to flame the fire to create. “Two sexist jerks told me to sit in a room and shut up while they wrote a hit for me. It was humiliating and demoralised the purpose of creativity and the hard work I’ve put in to creating a life filled with it. It’s horrible to have been treated as a stereotype or having to live up to one to be accepted. I wrote this song about my quiet rebellion from those expectations which seem to chase me through life.”

Absolutely refusing to be stereotyped or pigeonholed, Starr is the boss of her own dreams, and she is gonna achieve them whether you like it or not. This single is the lead track off her soon to be released EP Chronicles available March 31st, and despite the nostalgic vibe, she is quite progressive and unique. If this is the fire we can expect for future Starr releases, we say bring on Chronicles!

Words by ROSIE RAE





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