Discover ‘Today’ with Tornado Wallace ft. Sui Zhen


To live presently whilst in love is a tall order. These pressures are well understood by Melbourne artist, producer and filmmaker SUI ZHEN. Furthermore, these pressures -as they can be described musically- are more than understood by fellow Melbourne producer TORNADO WALLACE. Together, this joint project has delved deeply into what we refer to as ‘Today’, and now the duo have shared the captivating video for their collab.

We join Zhen as she transcends deeper and deeper into a botanical garden in this clip. At each turn of chorus she is allowed further into the city forest, but with every new level of understanding she gains, she loses more of her lover’s attention. “I’ve been around the world with you, but city lights get lonely too,” Zhen pours her heart into deep serenade. Yearning for connection, she smells the rose held by the man she dances with, yet nothing manifests.

It shows that even the most beautiful rose can flourish, but without the rose’s lovely smell, the rose is just like any other flower. This resembles the plight of most modern day relationships fuelled by the flower, but lacking the sweet perfume.

When will our nights be the same?” she questions. Could she mean, when will each individual night they share together be perfect and blissful? Or could she be reaching deeper, asking when will the nights they share together be received the same, emotionally.

Taken literally, it makes an eerie sense to the words she yearns, but when broken down figuratively accompanied by the vision we see, it’s clear Zhen is fed up with being caught between living in the past and the future and wants to explore the present moment around her with the one she loves.

It continues to beg the question, what is “today”? The luxury we are given by the fact that we are listening to a stunning piece of musical expression, is the realisation of what today is to us. She asks it of her lover, but of us as well, to think presently and join her in today, even for only a brief moment to see what she sees.

So now, we find ourselves also asking , what is today? How can we explore our own botanical gardens of wonder, that is the present moment we reside in? Each answer lies within the asking of the question, so sit down and enjoy the eternal conversation starter that is ‘Today’ – created by Melbourne maestro Tornado Wallace and expressed in full detail by fellow Melbournian, Sui Zhen.