Witness love-fuelled ‘Insanity’ in BLESSED’s newest video


Pristine production meets crystal clear cinematography in homegrown rapper/singer/producer BLESSED‘s newest masterpiece of introspective theatre ‘Insanity’. Over a clunking beat, and narrated by BLESSED‘s own Kid Cudi-esque vocals, we are let into his world.

The paradigm shift between one’s inner-monologue and the external universe has been blurred for a brief moment in time, just long enough for you to take what you need out of the vulnerability and complete and utter honesty of this piece. It’s a very raw and honest tribute to what love feels like to you when you’re too caught up in your emotions for any rationality or reason.

The video takes you along through the light and shade of most people’s reality of true love. The clip’s protagonist, played by LAURENCE MACROW-CAIN, is being emotionally tormented by his love for the other half of this beautiful expression, SHANEY CAREY. 

You follow the young love-struck male throughout his hellbent journey to figure out whether he’s in love with this woman or just plain crazy. At times, you are transported to moments of complete vulnerable intimacy between the two lovers. Also, in a detailed juxtaposition, his attempts to put the way he’s feeling into words to try and exonerate himself from the pain, (something we’ve all been known to struggle with) this is quickly followed by the trashing of said words once the idea of insanity rushes into his head.

The over-exaggeration of love and insanity throughout the piece paints a beautiful portrait of what to us, is a very fine line. Director JULIAN MUCHACA and the team at BLESSED PRODUCTIONS have very accurately depicted what love feels like. They have managed to shove a microscope in the face of love, and portrayed visually something we only feel and only exists inside our mind.

The video, although showing the more softer sides of the two lovers, wastes no time reaching the boiling point of the relationship. Regardless of the lack of detail or the fact we know nothing about these two starry-eyed lovers, we have a firm understanding of what is driving them crazy.

What first was just a video to you, quickly becomes an apt reflection of your own internal dilemmas when your heart burns up and is fuelled by love. With your heart’s feelings no longer connected with your brain’s, it’s easy to feel crazy. The truth is the answer doesn’t belong to anyone, hence the insanity.

The beauty of this narrative and the reason it hits home so hard is the fact that director Muchaca and his team have painted out the key points to the story in great detail, however the rest of the story is pieced together by your own reality.

Whether BLESSED is crazy, in love or crazy in love, we may never know. But the clip for ‘Insanity’ is more than a good enough reason to shine the light on your own feelings.