Go ‘Loco’ for Hare Squead’s newest clip


The last track from the freshly released ‘Supernormal’ EP sees Irish hip-hop trio HARE SQUEAD flow hard over a rock heavy progression.

Fresh-faced Irish MCs Hare Squead have made a reputation for bringing us brand new sounds to go crazy over, but never quite so as literal – until now. A rock guitar lick introduces the piece, as a barrage of bass and gritty vocals turn the energy of the track on its head.

The young Irishmen certainly identify with the American trap and hip-hop scene, but there’s definitely an unknown entity working as you listen to the track. It could be the European influences they are drawing from, or the fact they are so far displaced from the U.S, but these young hip-hop hypemen are paving a way that is entirely their own on this new joint.

Dynamic choruses filled with piercing vocals are joined together with immaculate verses, flowing from chorus to chorus in an incredible fashion. And there’s no verse more infectiously original than LILO BLUE’s.

The Irish MC gets on the track dripping in the Hare Squead signature swag. His verse comes just as hard as any others on the track but the off beat cadence and unique, at times melodic flow has remnants of Chicago native CHANCE THE RAPPER.

Hare Squead have opened up a huge can of worms with this new joint, one I can’t see being contained anytime soon. The three 18 year olds have confidence and its translating well into their music. The energy these young men produce almost warrant a comparison to American collective ODD FUTURE, and considering the energy the three young artists can give out, I can only imagine Hare Squead gaining success with their progressive sound in 2017.

Only time will tell whether or not Hare Squead will realise their potential, but for new music from the Irish MC’s, you don’t have to wait. Their Supernormal EP available now to download or stream. Now go and get ‘Loco’ to these fresh new tracks.

Words by Steve Copp



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