Owen Rabbit shares stunning new track ‘Oh My God’


Ever turned trash into beautiful music? OWEN RABBIT has. The Melbourne singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist first made waves with his interest in using anything and everything he could find to mould into fascinating textures and soundscapes. Earlier this year we heard ‘Weeds’, a dance-driven song featuring a range of experimental synths. Now we’ve been blessed with another, slightly more touching song, called ‘Oh My God’.

‘Oh My God’ is a striking culmination of Owen Rabbit’s considered electro-pop production and sensitive nature. Layers upon layers of synths, samples and vocals create a full-bodied sound that reinforces the desperation and heightened emotion of the vocals.

Everything is smartly and cleanly presented, but towards the end the singer’s voice wobbles. It wobbles. In a beautifully raw and fitting moment, that seal of perfection is broken as Owen Rabbit sings, “Lump in your throat, nothing left to throw out. Oh my god. Oh my god. I can’t forget about it.” It’s one of those heart-aching moments in songs that give you even just a tiny glimpse into the window of the artist’s soul.

Speaking to Triple J Unearthed, the musician said, “While usually those who are strong are celebrated for their stoicism, their sportsmanship or their abilities as leaders, humanity needs sensitive people just as much to help guide them through their dark times and show them they aren’t alone. I personally can’t think of a better explanation for how and why people make art.”

Like what you hear? Owen Rabbit is taking his live show all across Australia, starting with Perth in December and finishing up in Melbourne early February. For more information, you can head here.

Owen Rabbit Tour Dates 2016/17

Friday 30 December – Jimmy’s Den, Perth WA

Wednesday 25 January – Milk Factory, Brisbane QLD

Friday 27 January – Record Crate, Sydney NSW

Saturday 28 January – Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle NSW

Friday 3 February – Workers Club, Melbourne VIC

Words by Debbie Carr