Sit back and vibe on Luunes moody debut single ‘Glass’

Luunes - 'Glass'

Newcastle duo LUUNES have slid gracefully onto the map with their dreamy debut single, ‘Glass’. It’s moody electronica built on Anna Milat’s vocals, with simple yet poignant lyrics you wouldn’t expect to find on a first release.

Milat’s words don’t delve too deep into her subject matter, leaving you wanting a little more introspection or baring of the soul, but it’s relatable stuff nonetheless, and a solid platform on which Luunes can build with their next few releases.

“The track came about accidentally but naturally at Sam’s home studio, inspired by the idea of using vocals as a driving rhythmic instrument. By the end of the night, ‘Glass’ had developed an unusual and intriguing sound, essentially portraying the effects of a person completely altering and obscuring another’s perception.”

While relying heavily on Milat’s moody, powerful voice, ‘Glass’ features minimal production that provides just the right amount of structure and drive. Subtle vocal loops and piano enhance the haunting, dreamy aesthetic, while straightforward percussion kicks things up a notch, pushing the track along when they could have easily sat back and kept things chill and slow. There’s a level of frustration in Milat’s singing too that’s a real strong point, amplified by the abrupt ending that shatters the bubble the song wraps you in.

‘Glass’ is a solid, measured first effort from Luunes, that shows serious potential. Keep your eyes out for more from these guys, and grab a free download of ‘Glass’ from their Soundcloud for a limited time.

Words by TED DWYER





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