E^st shares her top 5 musical prodigies under 18


E^st is an extremely talented musician, which you would probably already know if you’re a fan of her music. She knows how to create a killer melody and her lyrics captivate you in an instant. Not bad for someone who still can’t legally have a drink at her own gigs.

E^st is about to head out on tour to support her amazing new EP Get Money! and you should probably get that wallet ready to buy yourself some tickets. The young singer will be bouncing through all major capital cities and to celebrate, we asked her to tell us about some fellow musical geniuses that we have yet to be exposed to.

“I met Gretta on the Japanese Wallpaper tour we just did, as she was playing keys and singing BVs in his band. Her songs are really pure and honest, which is probably my favourite thing about it. Also her melodies are so intricately written, and her voice is unreal. Perfect for skating through the suburbs in the early morning.”

“Lupa J played at Mountain Sounds Festival last year, which was the first time I heard her music. I have mad respect for Imogen, who writes/records/produces/performs all her own music, a Grimes in the making. Musically she has such a lush and haunting sound, perfect for walking through the city at midnight.”

“Another v cool producer who is goals af. I discovered Nina’s music when they announced the Unearthed High finalists. It blows my mind she’s so good at production so young. Her tracks are so imaginative, and they send so many feels and visuals through my brain, perfect for smoke break listening at a lame party.”

“The first time I heard Mallrat was actually when she sent through a verse idea she had for my song Get Money! and I fell in love with her style instantly. I love the melodic and rhythmic ideas in her songs, and her lyrics are super clever and relatable. I also love how laid back and sparse it is, perfect for cruising down the coast at sunset.”

“Another Unearthed High finalist! Tia’s music is so croony and broody, and her voice is super easy to listen to, she’s like a 17-year old Thelma Plum. It seems like she’s not compromising, and just writing exactly the type of songs she wants to, and it’s made with a confidence that’s really cool to see in someone so young. Perfect for walking through sand dunes in the middle of a summer’s day.”


E^St is coming your way! Check out tour dates below and we’ll see you there!

E^ST Get Money! Tour 
Nov 4 | Northcote Social Club, Melbourne 
Nov 5 | Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Nov 11 | The Foundry, Brisbane 
Dec 9 | Fat Controller, Adelaide 

Words by Lauren Payne




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