Five Years Of Astral People with Baro


Astral People are more than a management company. They’re more than a booking and touring company. They’re influencers, they’re on the pulse and they have carved their own space in the Australian musical landscape representing some of the most exciting emerging acts in the country, including GL, Rainbow Chan, Wave Racer, Cosmo’s Midnight, Basenji and many more.

They’ve brought over 50 acts from overseas such as Stormzy, Action Bronson, Yung Lean, XXYYXX, Nosaj Thing and Giraffage (to name a few), and have been responsible for some incredible memories at their own festival, OutsideIn.

Now, they’re celebrating their 5th birthday, and we are so excited for them. With a massive lineup featuring some of their best artists (they’re seriously spoiled for choice though given the calibre of acts they represent), this is set to be another fantastic night of electronic and hip-hop.

To get us all in the mood, we asked a few acts on the bill what their five favourite party jams are, including Baro – one of Australia’s most exciting hip-hop acts. Check out his answers below, and head HERE for more info about 5 Years of Astral.

Sa-Ra – Ladies Sing

I listen to this song when I’m home alone and dance around the house for like 40 minutes with this on repeat in a towel. I love the harmonies that Sa-Ra do and the phrasing. Beautiful.

Prince – I Feel For You

This is self explanatory. When this song plays at parties, I connect with the girl I been eyeing half the night and dance with her as this plays. 

Pharrell – Angel 

This barely plays at parties but like the Prince song above, when this plays at parties I have the ultimate confidence ’cause I’ve practiced dancing to it a million times. I love the chord change when the chorus comes in. SO beautiful.

Kelis – Sugar Honey Ice and Tea

SKATEBOARD P AND KELIS. Ultimate. I love this song. The first time I heard the bridge it changed my life.

Stevie Wonder – Ebony Eyes

One for the black girls. If there is hella brown skin ladies at this party, this song would get played 3 or 4 times and nobody would notice I been replaying the song. FACTS.

You can catch Baro at Astral People‘s 5th birthday party, 5 Years of Astral, along with Wave Racer, Rainbow Chan, Mall Grab, Polographia and many more. For more info head HERE.


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