Confidence Man drop funky first single ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’


Confidence Man is a brand spanking new band from the shores of Brisbane, comprised of the best bits of The Belligerents, Moses Gunn Collective and Jungle Giants. Confidence Man are bright and fun, and bring funky electronic elements to live music.

After the release of their demo track “Alligators Making Allegations”, Confidence Man have finally dropped their first track, titled “Boyfriend (Repeat)”, and it’s a doozy. If you like funky bass lines, crazy electronic melodies, and catchy sassy vocals, this one is for you. Take a listen below:

The track already has over 6k views on Facebook, but unfortunately is no where else to be seen on the world wide web. Never fear though, as the band says their music is “Not for sale yet. Very soon.” We look forward to what they’ll come up with next and predict very big things, you just need some Confidence Man.

Brisbane fans can catch the band playing at this year’s JUNGLE LOVE festival. More info on that HERE.

Words By Julia Insolia




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