Commandeur Shares Warm Remix for BEL’s ‘Melancholia’


If there’s anyone who knows the Australian music industry, it’s Commandeur. The producer, regularly called Tim, has been in and around your favourite bands for quite a while, so to say he knows what he’s doing would be an understatement. Commandeur has just released an amazing remix of BEL‘s track ‘Melancholia’ and you only really need to listen to it to understand his talent.

The original mix for ‘Melancholia’ is an artistic mix of pop melodies and electronic beats. If you’re a fan of Banks‘ work, you would have fallen in love with ‘Melancholia’. BEL and Banks have a similar interest in mysterious lyricism and airy synths that also have a sharp edge to them.

BEL originally said that the track was inspired by a thought she had, “What would happen if we embraced darkness similarly to how we embrace the light? There is a beauty in sadness that we ignore. There is a tranquillity in despondency that is beautiful.” 

In this new remix, it looks like the producer has embraced the lighter side of ‘Melancholia’, but it still has an airy element to it that just feels uplifting. The track has been transformed from an artistic thought into an emotional heatwave, a track that just makes you feel warm. The lyrics dance over popping synths and the melody is infectious. Commandeur has definitely taken the track into a different direction and his knowledge of good production is highlighted by his intricate work.

Commandeur‘s remix is available for free download so you should probably add this to your list of summer tracks because it’s gonna show up everywhere, just watch.

Words by Lauren Payne







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