MOSSY reels us in with his eclectic vid to ‘Waterfall’


MOSSY has shared an eclectic lyrical video to accompany his track ‘Waterfall’, straight from his latest self-titled debut EP.

Behind his moniker lives a man named Jamie Timony. A songwriter since the young age of 16, Timony has been influenced by renowned artists such as The Beatles and Leonard Cohen. Through the creation of his persona ‘MOSSY’, the artist has produced a set of psychedelic pop works, fused with ’70s and ’80s vibes in which he’s released as his self-titled debut EP.

His track ‘Waterfall’ is a piece saturated with harmonies, reverb and ’70s rock riffs, serving as a profession of loving love and being completely engulfed by the emotion. The video itself conveys MOSSY opening up the DVD to his own music video to place it in the player in the 1990’s style old telly whilst he stands by in deep thought as it plays.

Have a watch of the video, read the lyrics too if you like! He’s included them in the video anyway, so we can learn the lyrics obvs!

Words by Natalie Palmer



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