Clipping evolve again with ‘Air ‘Em Out’


‘Air ‘Em Out’ is the newest video single off the forthcoming album ‘Splendour & Misery’ by the noise rap trio Clipping. The video, directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada, features rapper Daveed Diggs experiencing an interesting case of zero gravity.

In what looks kind of like some sort of space facility, Diggs raps to no one while experiencing some zero gravity that messes up everything around him. It’s different to other Clipping videos we’ve seen in the past, but fitting of the song’s style and feeling. By having the gravity in the video build up and release with the song, the noise matches with the mess made, giving the feeling that ‘Air ‘Em Out’ has more weight to it (pun intended).

Clipping seem to be focussed constantly evolving their sound. When comparing ‘Air ‘Em Out’ previous singles like ‘Baby Don’t Sleep’, you will notice a huge shift in regards to how much noise and what types of sounds that they use for each song. With both songs being on the same album, it will be interesting to hear how they work together. What is consistent so far is the amazing rapping and producing between all of Clipping‘s work.

Director Carlos Lopez Estrada says of the clip, “I met with Clipping a few months ago to talk about potential ideas for this video and Jonathan half jokingly said that we should put Daveed in zero gravity. I emailed them back a few days later saying “I know you were kidding, but what if we do?” We then embarked on a wonderful creative journey of scrappy visual effect techniques and ended up with our own janky version of zero gravity, which turned up to be a pretty cool thing, I believe”. 

Words by Aiden Benavides



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